Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Alafaya, FL

Fire ant control and treatment in Alafaya, FL, will make your yard or commercial property safe for gardening, gathering, grazing, or galavanting. Protect your patrons, visitors, family, and animals by calling Fire Ant Control, LLC, to schedule our money-back guaranteed service. 

Introduction to Fire Ant Control, LLC

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Alafaya, FLFire Ant Control, LLC, is the foremost provider of effective fire ant treatment measures in Southwest Florida. In collaboration with our sister companies, our efforts cover the entire quarantined area in the Southeastern US, up to 1,000 acres serviced daily. Allow us to return carefree outdoor living to the list of great things about living in the area!

A War You Can Win – With the Right Strategy

Scientifically known as Solenopsis invicta, fire ants are ruthless invaders with voracious appetites, booming reproductive potential, and hardiness in the face of extreme conditions. 

The war of the fire ants began at the Port of Mobile in the 1930s when red imported fire ants first entered the US. Since then, they’ve had little competition for resources and have enjoyed conditions ideal for their continued spread. Today, red imported fire ants flourish throughout the Southeastern US and can be found all over the southern half of the US, all the way to California.

How do you win against such a resilient foe? Call Fire Ant Control, LLC.

Understanding fire ant behavior is key to overcoming the challenges they pose. Their reproductive efforts never cease. Once the queen has established her colony, she lays eggs as her only duty. Her progeny take care of her needs, nurture her eggs and larvae, protect the colony, hunt for food, and constantly work on the ever-expanded network of underground tunnels they call home.

The power of population makes it difficult to eradicate the fire ants or even make a significant dent in the population. The fact that most ants live underground also provides them with excellent protection. Treating the mounds alone will only kill the surface ants, which may give a sense of satisfaction, but the population will quickly return and surpass former levels. The only way to successfully meet the challenge is to target the population at its source: reproduction.

Since the queen is the sole source of additional red imported fire ants, if we can eliminate her, we can stop the continuation of the colony. Full stop.

Fire Ant Control, LLC carefully and methodically applies a granular bait to our clients’ properties. Fire ants perceive this bait as food and carry it to their queen. When she ingests it, she becomes unable to lay eggs. No new eggs equals no more fire ants as the living ones die. 

Within one life cycle, your property will be 85-99% free of red imported fire ants. Be sure to reschedule every four months, though, since fire ants move to establish new colonies, to escape flooding rains, or to search for better, more consistent food sources. 

Fire Ant Control, LLC, has full licensing and insurance coverage; the bait we use has approval for use around people and animals. A money-back guarantee supports our customers with a promise of four-month of effectiveness at a time.

Properties in Alafaya, FL, need fire ant control & treatment measures that work well. Call (239) 312-8200 or click here to schedule a consultation, first-time booking, or follow-up treatment today!