Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Altoona, FL

Few properties in Altoona, FL, aren’t affected by fire ants, so professional fire ant control & treatment measures are essential to free movement and undamaged property. Fire Ant Control, LLC, offers management methods that get results and work long term.

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Altoona, FLWhen you own property, offer commercial services to the public, or raise animals or vegetables, controlling the presence of fire ants is a necessary part of property maintenance. Red imported fire ants do far too much damage to property and injury to animals and people. The few that you see above ground are a small portion of what’s going on underground. Multi-queen colonies can have as many 40 million fire ants per acre.

From machinery to young animals and crops, the cost to the agricultural industry due to fire ants is high. Vegetation, animal feed, sun exposure, plentiful water, electrical equipment, and other features of farms and ranches appeal to the needs of red imported fire ants.

For resorts, retailers, and other commercial endeavors, the fire ant problem will also affect the bottom line. When customers are attacked by fire ants on your property, you can be sure you won’t receive repeat business. Our service will make sure that you’re able to protect customers from being attacked as they enjoy your service.

Solutions to the fire ant invasion are often claimed and seldom realized. Landscapers might claim the ability to handle fire ants; products at the big box home improvement store might also promise to rid your lawn of the attacking marauders. However, both are usually mistaken claims. These services either target mounds without addressing the population or involve hazardous chemicals that could injure people and animals.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, on the other hand, uses a granular bait that works quite effectively against fire ants. The bait is seen as food by the fire ants and taken down into the colony for the queen’s enjoyment. When she consumes it, she’ll become sterile, unable to lay eggs to replenish the population, so as living ants die, the population goes the way of the Dodo.

Reasons for Homeowners to Arrange for Fire Ant Management:

  • Injury to residents, guests, and animals
  • Destroyed home and patio foundations
  • Damaged breaker boxes, outlets, and HVAC systems
  • Invasion into bathroom, laundry, and pantry areas

Reasons for Ranchers and Farmers to Arrange for Fire Ant Management:

  • Damaged equipment
  • Injured workers
  • Injury and death to vulnerable animals
  • Ruined feed and hay

From schools to homes, businesses, resorts, farms, parks, beaches, pastures, and every other type of property in the area, Fire Ant Control, LLC, provides a convenient, low cost, but effective way to deal with the problem.

While Fire Ant Control, LLC, doesn’t provide an immediate quick fix, it does offer a long term solution that lasts for four months at a time. To qualify for our money-back guarantee, you’ll need to schedule three times annual service, and we pledge that the property will remain up to 95% free of fire ants.

Schedule your consultation or fire ant control & treatment in Altoona, FL, by calling (239) 312-8200 to speak with the customer support team at Fire Ant Control, LLC. We provide complimentary consultations, and when you secure a spot on our calendar, the treatment will be convenient without damaging the property or interrupting your day.