Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Arlington, FL

Fire Ant Control, LLC, is the answer to harmful, constantly growing red imported fire ant populations. We offer effective and effortless fire ant control and treatment in Arlington, FL, and the greater Jacksonville and Duval County areas. Call us at the first sign of fire ants to stop them before they can damage property or injure residents and guests.

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Arlington, FLThe scientific name of red imported fire ants is Solenopsis invicta, but no matter what you call them, you know that you don’t want to cross their path. These nuisance ants attack with very little provocation and will nest in areas that cause substantial property damage and painful injuries to people and animals. In fact, an attack can be deadly to people who happen to be allergic to the unique venom as well as young, old, or sick animals.

If you have the responsibility of managing a property, be it residential, public, agricultural, commercial, or other mode, call Fire Ant Control, LLC to eliminate up to 85-95% of red imported fire ants. With regular treatments every four months, your property will remain this protected, or we will return your money.

Arlington, FL, and Surrounding Areas Speak to Fire Ant Needs

The warmth, sun, and moisture of Arlington bring fire ant colonies to enjoy the easy life. Open areas especially draw fire ants because the mounds act as solar heating sources for the colony, making parks, playgrounds, lawns, golfing greens, and pastures especially vulnerable. As populations grow, colonies will extend into homes, under foundations, etc.

The population size of a red imported fire ant colony is astounding. Colonies with one queen can have anywhere from 40 to 150 mounds and 7 million red imported fire ants per acre. If colonies have multiple queens, the number of potential mounds in an acre jumps to 200, and the red imported fire ant population numbers can be up to 40 million.

The Fire Ant Treatment Method That Works

For the absolute best fire ant treatment, call Fire Ant Control, LLC. We use a strong bait that resembles food to ants. This bait works by targeting the colony’s population and its ability to continue.

Perceiving the bait to be food, the foraging ants consume the bait and carry some to the queen within the colony. When she consumes it, she becomes sterile. While you may not get the immediate gratification of seeing thousands of dead fire ants, within one fire ant life cycle, the population will have died out. As new fire ants move into the property and attempt to colonize the area, the bait will continue to work for six-month periods.

Every four months, the bait needs to be reapplied.

Deemed safe for applications around people and animals, you can feel comfortable calling us for ridding fire ants from pastures, gardens, yards, and even playgrounds. In addition to greater effectiveness, this safety factor is yet another reason to choose to call us instead of buying chemicals that can cause harm or allowing landscapers to apply noxious chemicals.

Fire Ant Control, LLC provides a money-back guarantee for our service. If you require fire ant control and treatment in Arlington, FL, you should dial (239) 312-8200 to schedule a complimentary consultation or to reserve a time for your service.