Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Asbury Lake, FL

Establish a place on Fire Ant Control, LLC’s calendar to gain the best fire ant control and treatment available in Asbury Lake, FL. As a fully insured and licensed company, we employ a product that works well for the long term, and we support its effectiveness with a money-back guarantee.

Choose Not to Live with Fire Ants

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Asbury Lake, FLFire ants are a common problem in Asbury Lake. The environment provides the perfect refuge for red imported fire ants. Able to reproduce quickly, Solenopsis invicta, otherwise known as fire ants, are vicious, aggressive, and without natural competition for resources. All in all, they tend to thrive without effective management.

The solution we offer works over the long-term, safely, and without the hazards of other treatments. Most fire ant remedies address the mound alone, dealing with the surface ants only, and they leave the rest of the colony to thrive and continue expanding.

The efforts of Fire Ant Control, LLC, in conjunction with our sister companies, treat up to 1,000 acres each day and fully cover the whole South East of the US, the area under quarantine for fire ants.

Safe around animals and people, the granular bait used by Fire Ant Control, LLC, treats a range of property types including agricultural, residential, public, and more.

The Solution That Manages Fire Ants Well

Knowing the significance of your fire ant problem can be difficult. Much of the fire ant activity goes on beneath the ground where worker ants constantly expand the network of tunnels, and the queen continually lays eggs and expands the fire ant population.

On each acre of property, fire ants may number up to 40 million when fire ant colonies have more than one queen.

With so many fire ants on a property, you can be sure to encounter them when you step outside. Slight disturbances will inspire hundreds of fire ants to erupt from the mound, climb up the nearest enemy, and sting simultaneously and repeatedly. The only way that you can be sure to keep this type of attack from injuring your children, guests, and pets is to deal with the population.

Fire ant bites cause a unique injury because they have a venom unique to the species. A large, hard blister with a white pustule center will appear. For some people, fire ant bites cause an anaphylactic response that can kill without medical intervention.

In severe cases, fire ant populations can grow to the point that they enter homes, destroying electrical systems, infesting laundry baskets, and even chewing through food packaging.

The granular bait used by Fire Ant Control, LLC, is found by worker ants as they search for food. The bait then gets taken down to the queen, and when she ingests it, she becomes sterile. Unable to lay new eggs, the population will zero out as living ants die. While the process takes one ant life cycle for full effect, it will reduce the ant population by 85-95% for half- year increments.

Keep your property safe and conducive to outdoor activity by booking fire ant control and treatment in Asbury Lake FL. Fire Ant Control, LLC,  is ever ready with free consultations and worry-free service. For more information, call (239) 312-8200 to learn more about our process.