Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Atlantic Beach, FL

Handle all of your fire ant control & treatment measures in Atlantic Beach, Jacksonville, and the whole of Duval County, FL, by contacting Fire Ant Control, LLC. Our measures are proven and affordable.

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Atlantic Beach, FLAn invasive species, the red imported fire ant is quite a problem in the Southeast, particularly in Florida. The warmth, moisture, and ready food make this area an ideal location for them.

To manage this species effectively, the process needs to target the queen because she is the source of population renewal. We use a method that does target the population by targeting the queen.

Handle the Fire Ant Population

The Fire Ant Control method of treatment is to employ a strong, foodesque granular bait that operates as an insect growth inhibitor. When carried down into the queen by worker ants, this bait sterilizes her. The living ants will die off at the end of the life cycle, without any replacements.

Our measures have been approved to be used around animals and people, and in conjunction with our sister companies, we are able to service up to 1,000 acres a day.

Red imported fire ants are mobile creatures. They’ll take a ride on a car, an animal, a raft of other ants, the wind, and even fly into new areas. This fact means that you’ll have to repeat treatments every four months. With three treatments per year, you can keep properties between 85-95% free of red imported fire ants.

The Hazards of Red Imported Fire Ants

The Solenopsis invicta, the scientific name for Red Imported Fire Ants, is a dangerous, invasive, and damaging species of fire ant. They’re aggressive, fast reproducers that will create expensive damage and painful injury.

Within a single colony, millions of fire ants can thrive underground. Single queen colonies, for instance, can house up to 7 million per acre, and multi-queen colonies can host up to 40 million fire ants per acre!

The majority of the fire ant population works underground, building the colony and expanding consistently. Over time, you can be assured that they will find their way into your HVAC system, home foundation, and pantry.

Home remedies, DIY treatments, and other solutions seem abundant, especially if you look online, but what really works?

From boiling water to gasoline, vinegar, and even fire, the solutions to fire ants can be dangerous, and always ineffective. You may get several hundred of the fire ants near the surface, but the possibility that you’ll get the queen is very low.

The sprays and other products that you can purchase at the big box store are equally ineffective. They do not take out the queen. Furthermore, they can be hazardous to those downwind and harmful to the environment.

If you don’t get the queen, your efforts will fail.

Instead of wasting time and money, call Fire Ant Control, LLC.

The bait that we apply works and has been approved for application around animals and people without any set period required for re-entry. With service every four months, your property will remain free from an overrun population of fire ants.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, provides an effective method of fire ant control and treatment in Atlantic Beach, FL. If you’d like to schedule a service or a consultation, reach out by calling (239) 312-8200 to reduce your fire ant population.