Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Auburndale, FL

To be a fire ant in Auburndale, FL, is a happy existence until smart home and business owners call Fire Ant Control, LLC, for effective and affordable treatment.

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Auburndale, FLFire Ant Control, LLC, provides the most effective source of fire ant management in existence. As a company, we provide service in Southwest Florida and, along with our sister companies, service the entire quarantined area of the US South East with the capacity to cover 1,000 acres per day.

Red imported fire ants are scientifically known as Solenopsis invicta. The species is invasive, originating in South America and migrating to the US through the Port of Mobile in the 1930s. Once they made their way into the country, they quickly gained a foothold and spread throughout the Southeast. Florida is especially welcoming to the species because it appeals to their natural strengths.

As fascinating as fire ants are in features and behavior, they’re best kept away from your property. When they bite and sting, they do so simultaneously, and the attack requires very little provocation. They nest underground. The only surface sign of their presence is a mound of soil that serves as their area for entrance and egress and ventilation and solar heating. Walking too close to this mound can trigger a vicious attack, and the victim could be you, your children, pets, or even leaves falling.

Once an attack begins, you have to remove the fire ants to end it. After the attack, you will have blisters with hard white centers. Only red imported fire ants have the venom that causes this type of injury. A small percentage of the population is actually allergic to this venom and is at risk of an anaphylactic reaction and (potentially) death.

If this injury isn’t reason enough to eradicate fire ant threats from your property, consider the potential property damage. Fire ants are well known for damaging electrical equipment, HVAC systems, home foundations, sidewalks, and more. From vulnerable trees to young, sick, and elderly pets and livestock, fire ants can cause serious damage that you might not expect since an infestation can be difficult to identify before damage has been done.

Savvy homeowners can be conscientious and minimize the presence of red imported fire ants even if they can’t get rid of the problem. From being careful to leave no food outside for ants to scavenge, to keeping the yard clear of attractive nesting places like logs and clippings, eliminating water sources and leaks, and otherwise monitoring for signs of fire ants, paying attention to the property closely can help avoid significant issues with fire ants.

If you see indications of a fire ant infestation, call Fire Ant Control, LLC, for service and then follow through with rescheduling every four months to keep your property 85-95% free of fire ants.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, uses an insect growth inhibitor that resembles food to the fire ants and sterilizes the queen once it’s taken down into the colony. Without new eggs laid, the colony diminishes into practically nothing within one life cycle.

Schedule your fire ant control and treatment service in Auburndale, FL, from Fire Ant Control, LLC for dependable and affordable service. Do so by reaching out online or calling (239) 312-8200 to speak with our office staff.