Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Audubon Park, FL

Audubon Park near Orlando, FL, finds fire ant control and treatment readily available from Fire Ant Control, LLC. Time, money, and effort savings can be significant when you choose our team for fire ant management.

The Impact of Fire Ants

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Audubon Park, FLFire ants affect life in so many different aspects. While the risk of painful bites and even allergic reactions are always present, fire ants can also injure pets, damage homes, and kill vegetation.

The damage to machinery and equipment comes when fire ants establish themselves within their working components. From the cost of repairs themselves to the cost of paying employees during downtime and the loss of production, this damage can be devastating! It’s far more affordable to prevent the losses through an effective program of fire ant management.

Structures are often vulnerable to the nesting habits of fire ants. They will burrow beneath cement slabs, cracking the very foundation of your home or business.

The beautiful landscaping and Gardening District of Audubon Park are also potential victims of Red Imported Fire Ants (RIFA). Irrigation provides plentiful access to water; the crops offer an ample supply of food; and the rich soil provides excellent real estate for their colony building. For fire ants, this type of location is ideal.

The injuries caused by fire ants shouldn’t go undiscussed. Landscapers, garden caretakers, homeowners, business patrons, and others in the area are all at risk of attack. The attacks generally occur without notice and with intense pain. Unfortunately, fire ants typically swarm as a group, so a single fire ant bite is a rare occurrence.

Red imported fire ants, scientifically known as Solenopsis invicta, are an invasive species in North America, originally hailing from South America. They’re naturally attracted to moist, warm areas with plentiful access to food and water. Their behavior is aggressive, and they’re highly resilient to hazards and swift reproducers.

Protecting Properties from Fire Ant Infestations

While service from the team here at Fire Ant Control, LLC, will provide 85% freedom from fire ants for four months at a time, you can help the process with a few simple caretaking policies.

  • Limit outdoor feeding of pests to the amount sufficient for their meal – no leftovers.
  • Store animal food and seed securely in containers that close tightly.
  • Clean pet and vegetation areas well, inspecting regularly for conditions that promote fire ants.
  • Repair leaks quickly and monitor areas with regular watering.

Measures Offered by Fire Ant Control, LLC

The Fire Ant Control, LLC, method that we use is the most effective one available, keeping properties 85% free from the presence of fire ants. We strategically apply granular food-like bait, which the scavenging fire ants then carry into the colony for the queen’s meals. Upon ingesting this bait, the red imported fire ants seal their own fate because it will sterilize the queen.

No longer being able to lay eggs, the queen can’t keep the colony’s population growing. As living ants expire, the colony as a whole does as well.

The treatment is not immediate. It will require a full life cycle, but with treatment every four months, your property will remain up to 95% fire ant free.

Learn more about the fire ant control and treatment measures that we offer to the Audubon Park community in Orlando, FL, by contacting us via phone at (239) 312-8200 or by following this link.