Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Avondale, FL

Control the fire ant population on your Avondale, FL, property by securing treatment and retreatment every four months from Fire Ant Control, LLC.

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Avondale, FLThe survival advantages that red imported fire ants enjoy come from their status as a non-native species. They’ve succeeded in infiltrating and becoming prevalent throughout the southern United States from California to the Eastern seaboard.

The secret to the efforts of Fire Ant Control, LLC, comes through targeting the queen. Our measures are the best way to produce results and thoroughly protect the residents, customers, guests, and property that fire ants can injure and damage.

Fire Ant Solutions

The granular bait used by Fire Ant Control, LLC doesn’t work instantaneously or spread noxious gases throughout your property. Instead, it operates stealthily, sterilizing the queen when she ingests the bait after it is carried into the colony by the foragers. The bait has been deemed safe for use around people and animals on residential, commercial, and public grounds.

In collaboration with our sister companies, Fire Ant Control, LLC is able to treat 1,000 acres each day and services the entire quarantined portion of the Southeast US, including Jacksonville and the greater Duval County.

The treatment provided by Fire Ant Control, LLC, is highly effective and efficient, but fire ants are mobile and reproduce quickly, so new queens will drop in and attempt to establish her own colony. The bait will not last forever, so we suggest reapplication of our bait every four months. With follow-through three times per year, we back our service with a money-back guarantee.

Common Concerns about Red Imported Fire Ants

Red imported fire ants love moisture, warmth, nearby food, and room to grow. They’ll infest open spaces, underneath cement foundations and sidewalks, HVAC systems, animal feed, and any other place that provides these comforts.

The problem with red imported fire ants is that they injure people and animals and damage property. They’re aggressive and unyielding, as anyone who’s had the unfortunate experience of an attack knows. For a small percentage of the population, an attack will cause an anaphylactic reaction and require immediate medical intervention to prevent death.

The number of fire ants one property can contain is astonishing. The few that you see above ground is a small glimmer of the problem. Colonies with one queen can have 7 million red fire ants for each acre, and those with more than one queen may have up to 40 million of the villains.

While many homeowners advise taking care of fire ants themselves, we humbly suggest otherwise. Most DIY remedies take care of a few visible ants on the surface, but they have no impact on the fire ants below ground. Furthermore, these measures will often cause injury to the homeowner. From hazardous, pricey chemicals to boiling water, gasoline, and who knows what else, ignore the advice on Facebook and just call Fire Ant Control, LLC.

One of the primary concerns of homeowners is the safety of pets. No one wants to endanger Fido while trying to protect him from fire ants. Our bait is completely safe, requires no wait time before re-entry, and and is safe for all property types.

Call Fire Ant Control, LLC at (239) 312-8200 for fire ant control and treatment measures in Avondale, FL. Within a few weeks of service, your property will be 85-95% free from fire ants, and we’ll provide a free consultation for interested property owners.