Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Baldwin, FL

Do you have a fire ant problem at your home, business, or farm? This situation can be serious and will not improve on its own. You need professionals to intervene and resolve the problem immediately, and the best provider of fire ant control & treatment in Baldwin, FL, comes from Fire Ant Control, LLC.

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Baldwin, FLSolenopsis invicta, commonly known as Red imported fire ants, impose their reign of terror over 360+ million acres from the Southeast region of the US to California. Unfortunately, these invaders have no serious competition for resources, and they can seriously injure the victims who accidentally cross their paths.

The problem with red imported fire ants is due to multiple issues. They’re prolific reproducers, with thousands of fire ants in a single colony. In fact, single-queen colonies may include 7 million red imported fire ants in a single care, and if the colonies consist of a few queens, you can have 40 million fire ants per acre.

Red imported fire ants are also the epitome of a hard to kill pest. They are voracious and aggressive, searching for food, warmth, and other vital life elements high and low, with many options. During rains, the population protects the queen by forming a spherical raft around her with their own bodies, floating to dry ground or a vertical substance they can climb.

The perfect environment for fire ants is so diverse and numerous. They love your electrical wiring, open spaces, piles of laundry, bales of hay, and even the pop tart crumbs under your toddler’s bed.

Golfers, gardeners, playing children, and anyone else walking through your yard, parking lot, or open area can become victims of an attack by red imported fire ants. The slightest disturbance can provoke hundreds of them to swarm from the mound and attack. While painful for all victims, these attacks can cause anaphylactic shock requiring immediate medical intervention in 1-2% of people.

How to Tell If You Have a Fire Ant Issue

Identifying a fire ant infestation isn’t very difficult. If you’ve seen a 10” high, oval shaped mound, particularly after bouts of heavy rain, you have fire ants. The fire ants that you see above ground are just a portion of the population. They’re constantly building underground, constructing networks of tunnels to hold the expanding population.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, provides the foremost solution. We use a potent granular bait that resembles food and performs like a Trojan horse, destroying the colony from within. Worker ants will ingest the bait, carry it to the queen, and sterilize her. As living ants die, so goes the colony’s population.

This bait is safe for use around people and animals without posing any danger or requiring a wait time for re-entry. Instead of wasting time and money on hazardous sprays and poisons that don’t work anyway, call us from the beginning.

Because the process targets the population and not the individual ant, the process isn’t immediate. It requires a life cycle. Within a few ants, your property will be 85% free of fire ants. With treatment every four months, it will stay that way.

Are you ready to evict fire ants from your property in Baldwin, FL, with adequate fire ant control and treatment? If so, call Fire Ant Control, LLC at (239) 312-8200. We will provide a free consultation and estimate, so reach out today for the ultimate pest control in Jacksonville or elsewhere in Duval County.