Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Barberville, FL

Do you need an easy and effective control & treatment service for fire ant populations in Barberville, FL?

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Those who live in Florida can expect fire ants as a fact of life, but with our treatment, you can keep them from crossing your path on your property. Our methods and product are effective at diminishing the fire ant population in treated areas.

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Barberville, FLFire Ant Control, LLC, provides treatment to the following:

  • Residential properties
  • Commercial properties
  • City property
  • Farms or pastureland
  • Any other property within our service area

Avoid the Waste of Home Improvement Methods

Home improvement store methods for fire ant control are a waste of time and money. Not only will you be putting yourself in immediate harm’s way, but you will also be taking pot shots in the ocean, so to speak.

Most fire ant treatments focus on the mounds rather than the ant population. You might kill a few of the visible ants, but you’ll never reach the mass of the population well below the surface. If you don’t limit the queen’s ability to reproduce, you’ll never control the population.

The professionals at Fire Ant Control, LLC, will provide results without the dangerous chemicals associated with commercially available DIY methods.

Avoid the Ineffective Treatments Used by Professionals

Landscaping companies often claim to be able to manage fire ant populations when they can’t. These companies may lack the required licensing, training, and products to effectively provide results.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, on the other hand, employs granular bait that requires no period of wait-time before re-entry yet effectively clears the fire ant population from the treated area.

Avoid Drawing in Fire Ant Populations

Fire ant populations require warmth, water, and food. Outside of scheduling regular service from Fire Ant Control, LLC, you can make sure that your property is as unattractive to fire ants as possible.

If you have a leaking spigot or a slow drip from a pipe or connection on your property, you will attract various creatures to your property, including fire ants.

In addition, leaving litter lying about to serve as protection or a food source is also a siren’s call for fire ants. When they can count on an area to provide a regular meal and a source of warmth, you can count on them to colonize the nearby area.

The Right Bait Does the Job

The granular bait that we apply for treatment has been deemed safe for use around vegetation, animals, and people without risk or a required period of wait time before re-entry. Our professionals will be in and out quickly, without disrupting your day or damaging your property.

The bait when laid out draws fire ants to it. They believe it to be food and carry it down into the colony to the queen. When she consumes it, she becomes infertile, and the population disappears as the living ants die.

The treatment we provide doesn’t have to be repeated monthly, but it will not last forever. You’ll need to reschedule for a service every four months in order to keep the population down and qualify for our money-back guarantee.

The customer support we offer at Fire Ant Control, LLC, will make your fire ant control & treatment in Barberville, FL, easy to schedule. You’ll be pleased with the results when you count on our methods and measures. Discover more about our service by calling (239) 312-8200 to schedule a free consultation.