Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Bartow, FL

Fire Ant Control, LLC, employs an affordable and effective method of fire ant control and treatment for residential, commercial, agricultural, and public properties in Bartow, FL. We’re a fully licensed and insured company, and we back our service with a guarantee.

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Bartow, FLThe methods we use to manage fire ant populations focus on the queen(s). She is generally the primary method for reproduction, and without her in the colony, it will die off.

Unfortunately, focusing on the mound and ignoring the colony underground will not be enough to handle a fire ant infestation. The colony will simply move the location of the colony, and you’ll continue to play the whack-a-mole version of fire ant management.

We specialize in managing red imported fire ants on properties of all sizes. We use a powerful granular bait with a growth inhibitor that makes the queen sterile and can safely be used near people and animals. If you allow us to treat the property three times a year, the fire ant population will remain reduced by 85-95% – or your money back.

Understanding the Red Imported Fire Ant

Fire ants are more than mere pests. They can do real harm to people and animals. They are very territorial and react at the slightest disruption of their mound by viciously attacking and stinging in sync. These ants have a venom that leaves a very painful blister. Rarely, these stings can cause an anaphylactic reaction that requires urgent medical intervention.

Injury isn’t the only problem. Fire ants also damage electrical components. The warmth attracts them, and when they choose these spaces to colonize, the damage ensues. Breaker boxes, A/C units, even your home’s wiring can be destroyed by fire ants. Responsible home ownership demands fire ant control, just like any other destructive pest.

If you garden or raise animals, red imported fire ants are a major issue. They’ll attack when you tend your crops or feed your animals. They can kill vegetation and attack newborn animals. Enjoy your garden and animals without dealing with stings and bites by simply calling in the professionals.

If you’re not sure you have a fire ant problem, wait for a heavy rainstorm. In the next day or two, take a look outside for mounds of loose soil focused around trees, patios, and even your home’s slab foundation. You’ll likely see plenty. Then, pick up the phone and secure your place on our calendar.

The Best Method for Managing Fire Ant Populations

Choose Fire Ant Control, LLC

  • 85-95% fire ant reduction for four months at a time
  • No re-entry interval
  • Safe for use around animals and people
  • Address the entire population, not just the mound

Stop fighting fire ants on your own; you won’t win. For fire ant control and treatment in Bartow, FL, call Fire Ant Control, LLC at (239) 312-8200 to learn more about our process or to schedule a free evaluation. The fire ants on your property will be no match for our bait – no matter how large the job may be!