Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Baymeadows, FL

The life of a fire ant in Baymeadows, FL, is idyllic and worry free, until aggravated, conscientious property owners call Fire Ant Control, LLC for treatment & peace of mind. We can service the entirety of Jacksonville and the rest of Duval County.

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Baymeadows, FLFire Ant Control, LLC, offers effective and affordable treatment for fire ants throughout Southwest Florida. Along with our sister companies, we’re able to address the needs of 1,000 acres per day and the entirety of the South East’s quarantined region.

Solenopsis invicta, otherwise known as Red Imported Fire Ants, is a non-native species to the US. The accidental introduction to the United States occurred nearly a century ago in the Port of Mobile. Since that time, they’ve invaded the whole southern portion of the country and become a dominant pest within the region, especially here in Florida.

Fire ants are interesting creatures, but that doesn’t mean they’re great neighbors. Red imported fire ants inflict a painful sting when they attack, and they live in below ground nests with a loose mound above ground for ventilation, solar heating, and entrance/exit. If this mound is even slightly disturbed, a huge army of attacking fire ants will erupt from the mound and climb while attacking simultaneously. Until removed, these fire ants will not stop attacking either.

The sting of a red imported fire ant creates a hard blister with a white center due to the unique venom of the insect. If you’re attacked, clean the area with alcohol or soap and water to remove the venom as quickly as possible, and monitor for signs of an anaphylactic response. Should allergy symptoms present themselves, gain medical intervention immediately.

This risk of injury isn’t the only problem with fire ants. They also creep into areas warmed by electricity, moist piles of laundry, bales of hay, home foundations, and more.

Known for damaging crops, livestock, poultry, home foundations, and electric components, these fire ants need to be managed, and we provide the most effective and affordable management process available.

Steps that you can take to prevent a fire ant infestation:

  • Feed animals the precise amount of food that they require with no leftovers.
  • Store animal food and seed in well-sealed containers.
  • Clean animal pens and yards frequently to keep them free of debris, food, rotten branches, grass cuttings, and other elements that attract red imported fire ants.
  • Repair leaks and remove potential water sources for the ants.
  • Call us immediately at first signs of infestation and every four months thereafter.

The Methods Used by Fire Ant Control, LLC

Our methods and products have been authorized for use around people and animals without requiring a wait time for re-entry. The granular bait resembles food to the fire ants, so they actually carry the source of their demise into the colony themselves.

The bait is an insect growth inhibitor, preventing the queen from laying eggs. With no new eggs, the colony has no new citizens, so by the end of one full life cycle, the colony has ceased to exist. In fact, with treatment every four months, we can provide between 85-95% freedom from red imported fire ants.

Discover how Fire Ant Control, LLC can provide treatment & return free use of your Baymeadows, FL property today by calling us at (239) 312-8200.