Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Beach Haven, FL

For guaranteed fire ant control and treatment in Beach Haven, FL, turn to the experts: Fire Ant Control, LLC. We will return your payment if our service doesn’t work effectively for four months at a time, and you certainly won’t find that sort of guarantee from a DIY product.

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Beach Haven, FLThe entire Southeastern portion of the US is under quarantine due to the invasion of red imported fire ants, and Fire Ant Control, LLC, is proud to partner with our sister companies to cover the entire quarantined area. In one day, we can service up to 1,000 acres. Property owners and managers near Jacksonville and the greater Duval County area should give us a call for quick, affordable, and effective protection against red imported fire ants.

Defeating Fire Ants

The danger of red imported fire ants is amplified by how ubiquitous they are. Practically any location can become a haven for these pests. Areas with proximity to moisture, warmth, and food are vulnerable. These places include pastures and open expanses as well as near stumps, playsets, home foundations, electrical equipment, and so much more.

Mounds created by red imported fire ants are round, about 10” high, and the size of a dinner plate. These mounds provide fire ants with entrance, exit, and a source of solar heating. Beneath the surface, millions of ants construct impressive tunnels that constantly grow, and if the mounds are even slightly disturbed, hundreds of fire ants will erupt and attack.

Red imported fire ant colonies include queens and workers. The workers take care of eggs and the queen who lays them, forage for food, and defend the colony. Colonies with one queen may have a population of 7 million per acre, and if a colony has multiple queens, that number jumps to 40 million red imported fire ants per acre.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, Measures That Work and Why

The solution Fire Ant Control, LLC, is the best option according to every relevant metric. It works better, lasts longer, and is more cost-effective than other options, whether DIY or provided by landscapers.

We use a granular bait that fire ants perceive to be food but performs like a Trojan horse.

When foraging ants come across the granular bait we apply, they think it’s food and haul it back to the colony for the queen’s enjoyment. When she does, she loses the ability to lay eggs. With no new eggs hatching, the population as a whole dies off as the living ants expire.

When one life cycle ends, after 22-38 days, your property will be between 85-99% free of fire ants.

The granular bait we apply on our clients’ property has been deemed to be safe for applications around people and animals. Unlike the chemicals sold at home improvement stores and used by landscapers, our bait doesn’t pose a danger or require a period of time to wait before returning to the property.

The effectiveness of the bait wanes over time and needs to be reapplied every four months. Otherwise, red imported fire ants will return and re-colonize the area.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, is available for fire ant control and treatment in Beach Haven, FL. If you’d like to take care of these painful, dangerous nuisances effectively and affordably, call (239) 312-8200 today.