Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Belle Isle, FL

Invasive red imported fire ants infest, damage, and injure the property, people, and animals they encounter. Slight disturbances cause an overwhelming response from the colony, and the population will continue to grow as long as they’re able to find food, water, and refuge. In Belle Isle, FL, properties tend to offer all of these, making fire ant control & treatment essential. Call Fire Ant Control, LLC, to schedule an effective and convenient service.

Fight the Population, Not the Fire Ant

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Belle Isle, FLPopulation management of fire ants requires addressing the mechanism of reproduction: the queen.

A colony begins when winged male and female red imported fire ants fly into the air where they mate. Once complete, the two will drop to the ground. The male will die, and the female will shop around for the ideal location for her to establish her kingdom.

The queen will lay about 1,500 eggs per day. The rest of the “worker ants” gather and hunt for food, defend the colony, and care for the queen, eggs, and larvae.

Reproduction speed explains why targeting the queen is essential to successful fire ant management. Some colonies have more than one queen, but the population can grow to astronomical numbers, whether the colony has one queen or many. At one time, a single acre of property can have up to 7 million ants with one queen and up to 40 million with more than one.

The Fire Ant Colony

Red imported fire ants build and expand their colonies all the time. These colonies are made up of extensive networks of tunnels. All of this growth happens underground. The only part of the colony that exists aboveground is the mound(s). These loose mounds of soil allow for entrance and exit, monitoring for threats to the colony, and solar protection. As the colony grows, you will find ants anywhere they can find moisture, food, and safety. Unfortunately, this means you could find them under your home, in your pantry, around your flower beds, etc. In addition to painful injuries, fire ants can cause property damage, including foundation destruction, HVAC failure, and more.

Population growth will not stop without an intervening treatment. Call Fire Ant Control, LLC, to protect your pets, plants, children, and guests.

The Best Method for Managing Red Imported Fire Ants

The traditional treatments for red imported fire ants primarily address one mound at a time and target surface ants. Even if you feel accomplished after application, you likely didn’t accomplish much. As long as the queen continues churning out eggs, the ones you eliminate will quickly be replaced.

The granular bait we use is taken to the queen by the worker ants and will sterilize her. This method provides long-lasting fire ant control for up to four months at a time. As the living ants expire, the colony’s population dwindles.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, is licensed and fully insured, and the granular bait we use is approved for private and public properties.

Reach out to (239) 312-8200 to schedule your estimate or service. With fire ant treatment repeated three times per year in Belle Isle, FL, Fire Ant Control, LLC offers a money-back guarantee for 85-95% eradication.