Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Bithlo, FL

Beautiful weather, moist areas, and significant warmth make Bithlo, FL, a haven for imported red fire ants and create the need for fire ant control and treatment measures in the area. Fire Ant Control, LLC, offers a lasting and cost-effective solution for all types of properties.

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Bithlo, FLThe only surefire way to manage fire ant populations is to call in the professionals. When you first see signs, take immediate action to handle the problem before any real damage can be done.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, along with our sister companies, serves the entire quarantined area infested with imported red fire ants. We can treat up to 1,000 acres daily using the most effective fire ant treatment available.

The measures and products that we use at Fire Ant Control, LLC, are guaranteed. With six-month intervals between treatments, our service will significantly reduce the population of ants on your public, private, or commercial property.

The Dangers of Imported Red Fire Ants

Imported red fire ants bite and sting, causing great pain and red, swollen bumps with a white center. In some cases, these attacks can even cause anaphylactic shock, which requires immediate medical intervention.

Attacks will happen without much warning or provocation. When the fire ants are even slightly bothered, the ants will swarm up, climbing, biting, and stinging in unison.

Treating these bites quickly will stop the swelling and pain, but if anaphylactic shock occurs, a shot of epinephrine may be required.

The danger of injury to animals is also a possibility. Fire ants will attack old, sick, and very young cattle and pets.

Electrical equipment is also subject to damage. Fire ants will infest electric outlets, HVAC units, breaker boxes, etc. Further damage can occur to your home’s foundation, tree root systems, patio spaces, and any other established space on the property.

When properties are infested with these invasive fire ants, no one can enjoy the property without worries over being bitten.

Our Process Will Help

The way that our granular bait works is by stopping the reproductive abilities of the queen. The bait appears to be food to the ants, so they take it into the colony to the queen. Once she can no longer lay eggs, the colony dies when the living ants expire. Twice yearly treatments will keep your property up to 95% free of ants.

The fire ant bait will not last forever. It will dissolve, be consumed, and be carried away. New ants will move into the property. Remember that fire ants fly to mate and colonize wherever the queen drops. They’ll also move to forage for food, and overpopulation sends ants off to create new colonies.

Fire ant control and treatment measures for your property in Bithlo, FL, should be a routine part of property management. For more information on how Fire Ant Control, LLC, can be of assistance, dial (239) 312-8200 to speak with our customer service staff. We’ll be happy to work up a free estimate or secure you a space on our service calendar.