Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Bloomingdale, FL

Red imported fire ants thrive because they’re persistent. They find a way to survive despite high waters and inhospitable conditions to happily infest your cement foundation, tree trunks, piles of laundry, and even your home’s A/C unit. If you’re ready to evict the pests for good, count on the quality fire ant control and treatment we provide to all sorts of properties in Bloomingdale, FL. Our name is Fire Ant Control, LLC, and that’s exactly what we provide.

Avoid the Pain and Destruction Caused by Imported Red Fire Ants

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Bloomingdale, FLPrevent painful bites and stings from red fire ants as well as the damage caused from an infestation by managing the population of the fire ants themselves. These invasive ants are common throughout the American South, but we, along with our sister companies, continue to fight the good fight. Collectively, we can treat up to 1,000 acres daily, providing relief from the scourge of red fire ants for residential, commercial, agricultural, and public properties.

Identifying a Fire Ant Problem

Ants are fairly common, but how do you know if you have an infestation of imported red fire ants, the worst of the fire ant varieties?

Look around after a heavy rain. Check for mounds near cement foundations, sidewalks, and driveways; around trees; or near other tall structures that could provide refuge during rain.

If an interaction with ants causes intense pain and leaves a blister with a white pustule in the center, you likely have an issue with imported red fire ants. Their venom causes this kind of injury. Unfortunately, they can also cause allergic reactions in some cases. Pay attention to any symptoms of an allergic reaction where urgent medical intervention will be necessary.

Treating a Fire Ant Problem

The most effective fire ant treatment comes from Fire Ant Control, LLC. The granular bait acts like a Trojan horse to destroy the colony at its source, the queen.

The method of treatment we apply is a granular bait that prevents reproduction by the queen. The worker ants ingest the bait, take it into the colony’s network of tunnels, and transfer it to the queen. She won’t be able to lay new eggs so, as the living ants die, the colony dies as well. This method works better long term, controlling the ant population more effectively, affordably, and safely than chemicals that focus on mound treatment.

Our bait has been deemed safe for application around people and animals. Our treatment is 85-99% effective as a solution for management of the ant population, but you’ll need a reapplication every four months. Fire ants can fly; in fact, studies have shown that queens from multi-queen colonies can fly for miles (aided by the wind) to start new colonies.

Transporting soil, grass sod, nursery plants, building materials, roof tiles, paint and beehives, have all been known to carry fire ants to new locations. Even cars and RVs have carried fire ants into new areas. Therefore, we recommend treating your property three times a year to prevent further fire ant re-colonization.

Reach out to Fire Ant Control, LLC, at (239) 312-8200. Our measures for fire ant control and treatment will keep your property in Bloomingdale, FL, a safe place to picnic, garden, play, and entertain.