Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Briarcliff, Fort Myers, FL

Homes and businesses in the Briarcliff community in Fort Myers, FL, benefit from expertly applied fire ant control & treatment. As a fully licensed, insured, and effective fire ant control provider, Fire Ant Control, LLC, can limit the expansion of fire ant populations. 

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Briarcliff, Fort Myers, FLYou can rely on Fire Ant Control, LLC if you’re responsible for maintaining the grounds of a home, estate, commercial property, school, or other type of property. Contact our staff to book a free consultation or service. 

Cost-effective and convenient measures for fire ant management come from Fire Ant Control, LLC.

The Success of Red Imported Fire Ants

The red imported fire ant species came to the US through the Port of Mobile, AL, in the 1930s and have slowly made their way throughout the nation’s southern half. Being an invasive insect, it lacks competition that might otherwise limit the population’s expansion.

As aggressive attackers and constant builders, red imported fire ants damage property, such as slab foundations and sidewalks, crops, wiring, HVAC systems, and more. 

In addition to destroying property, red imported fire ants hurt when they attack. Their unique venom creates a hard blister with a white center that burns and lingers for about a week. The venom may cause an allergy and sometimes a severe anaphylactic reaction that requires medical intervention.

With Fire Ant Control, LLC, providing regular service, you can once again enjoy the exterior of your property without fear of attack.

Do you have a fire ant problem?

Properties in Southwest Florida likely have a fire ant problem, but if you need verification, look around for fire ant mounds. The mounds will have flat tops, a height of about 12″, and a diameter of about 8″. The only evidence above ground that the colony exists is the mound that provides fire ants with a door of sorts and a source of temperature moderation. 

You may also see fire ants themselves. They’re far different from other ant species being ¼” long with a darker thorax and abdomen than the head. 

The unfortunate way to know if a property is infested with red imported fire ants is to suffer an attack. Small disruptions will cause fire ants to swarm forth and attack anyone in their path, and they’ll climb and attack simultaneously, biting and stinging simultaneously. 

Fire Ant Control, LLC, provides service to all of Southwest Florida, and in collaboration with our sister companies, we offer treatment to the entire quarantined region. 

The granular bait that we use at Fire Ant Control, LLC, prevents the queen from being able to reproduce. Once sterilized and unable to lay eggs, the queen stops being the source of the colony’s continuation. As living ants die, the colony does as well. Keep up with treatments thrice yearly for continued freedom from fire ants. 

Every four months, Fire Ant Control, LLC, must treat the property to keep it up to 95% free of red imported fire ants. With these follow-up treatments, the money-back guarantee will apply. 

Locating fire ant control & treatment in Briarcliff, Fort Myers, FL, is easy. Contact Fire Ant Control, LLC, for solutions that work to manage fire ant populations without breaking your budget or disrupting your day. Click here or call (239) 312-8200.