Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Brookesville, FL

Fire ant control & treatment is simply a responsibility of property ownership, and if you own real estate in Brookesville, FL, you can count on the measures we supply. Fire Ant Control, LLC, is able to serve all types of properties including commercial, residential, recreational, agricultural, etc.

Elimination of Fire Ants

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Brookesville, FLRed imported fire ants have quite a few advantages as a species. They reproduce mind bogglingly fast, have an aggressive, fast defense response, and can nest practically anywhere that offers warmth and moisture nearby.

You’ll never destroy a colony of red imported fire ants without taking care of the queen. If a property has single-queen colonies, they could have 40-50 million mounds and 7 million fire ants per acre, and with multi-queen colonies, the mounds could number more than 200 and the fire ants number upwards of 40 million per acre.

Without killing the queen, the colony will simply repopulate and keep building their intricate below-ground network of tunnels.

The process that we use relies on a granular bait that resembles food and destroys the colony at its core. The fire ants, believing it to be food, carry the bait into the colony and present it to the queen. Once she enjoys her meal, she will no longer be fertile. We leave the living ants to die off, and the colony is no more.

Alternative Red Imported Fire Ant Treatments

Managing fire ant populations as a DIY project is potentially hazardous. Swarms of fire ants may attack at once, inflicting damage and injury on pets, people, livestock, and vegetation. The population will continue to grow as long as the queen survives.

You can find chemical sprays, dusts, and granules at your local home improvement store, and you might eliminate some of the surface ants. Unfortunately, these solutions won’t combat the queen, and the chemicals can be hazardous.

You’ll find all sorts of suggestions for fire ant management online. From pouring boiling water, bleach, or vinegar into the mound to lighting it on fire, these crazy ideas could:

  1. Cause permanent injury
  2. Only temporarily pause fire ant infestations
  3. Inspire fire ants to invade your home or another “safe” nesting place.

Choose What Works

The Fire Ant Control, LLC, methods work well by targeting the queen of colonies. Regulators have approved our granular bait for use around people and animals without a wait time before re-entry. The bait operates as an insect growth regulator, sterilizing the queen. As living ants expire, the colony dwindles by at least 85-95%.

Comprehensively licensed and insured, Fire Ant Control, LLC provides a four-month guarantee and requires re-servicing after said period. Fire ants are mobile; they fly to mate and will return without service from Fire Ant Control, LLC, three times per year.

The 85% reduction of fire ants is a guarantee that we offer a money back provision to support. If you fail to follow through with repeat treatment three times per year, this guarantee will not apply.

The trouble caused by red imported fire ants in Brookesville, FL can be mitigated by the fire ant control & treatment measures that we at Fire Ant Control, LLC, provide. To get on our schedule, call (239) 312-8200 or fill out the contact form online. Protect your property and the people and pets within it.