Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Buckingham, FL

Fire Ant Control, LLC, offers expertly provided fire ant control & treatment for all types of properties in Buckingham, FL. With a bit of deception, strategy, and a powerful bait, we attack fire ant populations at their source, providing greater long-term effectiveness than addressing mounds individually would.

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Buckingham, FLFlorida provides the sun, vegetation, moisture, and warmth that fire ants need to thrive. Since their first venture into the Port of Mobile in the early 1930s, red imported fire ants have had quite the heyday in the Southeastern US and are ubiquitous in the region. If you’re ready to finally win the war against these vicious pests, call on Fire Ant Control, LLC.

We are the very best weapon to have in this fight. Our proven method relies on the strategic application of a potent bait regulated and approved for use around people and animals. No matter the size or property type, call on us for a convenient and effective solution.

Address Fire Ant Behavior

How fire ants build, hunt, and protect the colony should influence the approach you take when fighting them. Red imported fire ants live underground in extensive networks of tunnels, and they’re constantly working to build and expand them. The few ants you find above ground and even in the mounds are a scant portion of the colony’s population.

As the colony grows in size and number, fire ants will invade every portion of your property, including your car, your home, and even under your home’s foundation. Consider this fact: the population potential of multi-queen fire ant colonies is greater than 40 million red imported fire ants per acre.

Our bait appeals to fire ants as food, but when the queen enjoys her portion, she becomes infertile. Since she is the sole source of reproduction, the colony dies out as the living ants reach the end of their life cycle with no new eggs being laid to replace them. It takes a single fire ant life cycle for full results, and the treatment needs to be reapplied every four months. However, the results are fairly dramatic: your property will remain at least 85% free of fire ants.

Fire Ant Treatment for Residential Properties

Single-family homes, apartment complexes, and other residential properties need fire ant management. Enjoy sitting on the porch, gardening, watching your children play, and checking your mail without risking attack. Keeping your property’s fire ant population to a minimum will also protect your home’s slab, HVAC system, and electrical wiring from damage due to fire ant infestation.

Fire Ant Treatment for Gardens, Pastures, Barns, and Ranches

Fire ants won’t just injure you and your family. Your livestock and crops are also in danger when fire ants are bountiful. From hay bales to sprouts, fruits, and even equipment, fire ants cause extensive damage in the form of injured animals and ruined property.

Fire Ant Management for Schools and Parks

Children playing at school or the park are vulnerable to attack by red imported fire ants. Whether you’re the groundskeeper for the local school or park, reach out to Fire Ant Control, LLC, for an effective, affordable, and convenient solution.

Responsible property owners in Buckingham, FL, should contact Fire Ant Control, LLC for control & treatment that works well without breaking the bank. Click here or call 239-312-8200 to book your initial or follow-up service.