Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Buena Ventura Lakes, FL

Properties in Buena Ventura Lakes, FL, without fire ant infestations, have likely undergone treatment measures from Fire Ant Control, LLC. The problem is incredibly difficult to control without our service.

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Buena Ventura Lakes, FLRed imported fire ants grow their colonies underground while a few mounds and worker ants will be the only evidence of them above ground. A single-queen colony may include up to 7 million red imported fire ants, and a multi-queen colony may harbor 40 million+! It should be clear that population control must target the queen.

Equipment, crops, and vulnerable animals are at risk on ranches, farms, and residential backyards. Unfortunately, these priorities and those of red imported fire ants conflict with one another, and management of the population is essential.

Golf resorts and commercial properties must also control the population of red imported fire ants. We also treat schools, parks, and other spaces where fire ants can invade. Patrons who meet up with these fire ants will be quite put off if they’re attacked. Protect your bottom line and your reputation by calling Fire Ant Control, LLC.

Fire ant control methods are available in spades, but that doesn’t mean they’re all effective. They could be dangerous and will only handle surface ants while the mass of the colony carries on below ground. The local landscaper likely has chemicals on their truck, and you’ll find an entire section of insecticides at the local hardware or feed store. In most instances, though, you’ll throw good money away if you try these options.

Hardy creatures are fire ants. Extremes of temperature, heavy rainfall, and other circumstances rarely limit populations. Indeed, the circumstances will make them more aggressive and inventive in their survival methods. For example, consider the fire ant raft they create with their bodies during heavy rains – all to protect the queen and the population.

We use a granular bait at Fire Ant Control, LLC, that fire ants see as food, carry down into the colony, and secure their colony’s demise in the process. The worker ants will carry the bait to the queen for her meal, and she’ll become infertile. Without laying new eggs, the colony will dwindle as the living ants reach the termination of their life cycles.

Motivation to Call for Fire Ant Treatment

  • Protection from injury and death by people, animals, and plants
  • Protection of home foundations
  • Protection of the home’s interior from an invasion of red imported fire ants
  • Protection of electric and AC systems

The money spent with us is money well spent. Treatment takes a few weeks for complete effectiveness, and it requires repeated treatments every four months. Our money-back guarantee means that if you secure treatment three times per year, your property will remain 95% free of fire ant infestation, or we will return your payment.

Call in for your fire ant control and treatment in Buena Ventura Lakes, FL. Our number is (239) 312-8200, and you can reach out to our customer service team online. Free estimates, fast treatments, and effective service await with Fire Ant Control, LLC.