Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Buenaventura Lakes, FL

Fire ant control and treatment is a key tenet of care for all types of properties in the Buenaventura Lakes community of Orlando, FL. Rely on Fire Ant Control, LLC, to effectively protect your home, business, school, park, golf course, or other property from the injuries and damages caused by fire ant menaces.

Management of Fire Ant Populations

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Buenaventura Lakes, FLRed Imported Fire Ants (RIFA) have a leg up in the competition for survival among the world of insects. Fire ants reproduce extremely quickly, will establish their colonies almost anywhere, defend their population and territory aggressively, and resist harm from extreme temperatures and weather.

The source of the colony is the queen. She establishes the colony and then lays eggs as her sole job. One of the roles of worker ants is to care for her, the eggs that she lays, and the newly hatched larvae. Without addressing the queen’s ability to reproduce, you’ll not be able to manage the fire ant population.

Her ability to reproduce is so powerful and fast that the population will rebound quickly should you choose intervention methods that fail to stop her from laying eggs.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, applies a granular bait that fire ants believe to be food and functions as an insect growth inhibitor. Fire ants, looking for food and finding the bait, carry the bait down into the colony to the queen. She becomes sterile when she ingests the bait, promoting the demise of the colony’s population as the existing ants expire.

Choose Fire Ant Control, LLC, As Opposed To…

Taking care of fire ants on your own is difficult and largely ineffective, but let’s dig a bit deeper into why. It all comes down to the queen’s survival as well as the injury that is possible when property owners attempt some DIY options.

At the neighborhood hardware store, home improvement store, or landscaping company, you will find an assortment of fire ant treatment products. On the internet, you’ll find an equally broad list of suggestions that are said to resolve the problem. The bottom line of all of these products and treatments is that a few surface ants may die, but the queen will continue laying new eggs and perpetuating the colony’s population.

Targeting the queen with our method is what sets us apart here at Fire Ant Control, LLC. The granular bait that we choose is approved for applications with humans, pets, livestock, and vegetation and can be applied without requiring a wait time for re-entry.

The bait itself works by stopping the queen from being able to lay eggs. Over a single life cycle, the population will be reduced by a minimum of 85%. With treatment every four months, the property will stay that way. Repeat treatments are essential because red imported fire ants move to establish new colonies.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, is fully licensed and insured, and we offer a money-back guarantee in support of our service given repeat treatments three times per year.

Avoid the difficulties that stem from fire ant populations on your property in the Buenaventura Lakes community of Orlando, FL by securing professional fire ant control and treatment. Bring your questions or requests for service to Fire Ant Control, LLC, ASAP by phone at (239) 312-8200 or by following this link for online contact.