Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Campbell, FL

Don’t take the invasion of your property by red imported fire ants lying down. With the services of Fire Ant Control, LLC, you’ll have effective and long-lasting control and treatment for your home, business, or farmland in Campbell, FL.

The Problem with Fire Ants

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Campbell, FLNo one likes a fire ant bite. Unfortunately, red imported fire ants bite as a group, and the stings and bites of these pests are more painful than those from other ants. When these ants take over your property, being able to watch your children play, welcome guests, and simply mow your yard isn’t possible without fire ant control measures. The worst-case scenario is an allergic reaction resulting in anaphylactic shock and death. While this situation is rare, it does happen on occasion.

Managing the Problem

Have you ever tried DIY extermination? It’s not easy. Most products available in home-improvement stores will have you treating one mound at a time rather than attacking the population at its core.

Products that treat individual mounds will simply motivate fire ants to move to another area a few feet away. Fire Ant Control, LLC, lays out granular bait that fools worker ants into thinking that the bait is food and taking it back into the nest for the queen. She then loses the ability to lay eggs, preventing any further growth of the colony. In fact, we guarantee, an 85-95% reduction in fire ants for four months after treatment.

Ants are migratory creatures. Environmental conditions, predators, and colony growth will all motivate them to move and establish a colony elsewhere. These factors make repeated applications every four months a must.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, provides effective fire ant management for private, commercial, and public properties. Agricultural lands, parks, residences, and all sorts of properties are eligible for treatment by our company.

The Fire Ant Conundrum

Imported red fire ants came from South America and have slowly moved their way north. Today, they’re common to the entire Southern US. As an invasive species, these ants tend to take over properties since natural predators are limited, and they win in the competition for resources.

Attracted to electric equipment and moist areas, these fire ants can destroy your home’s foundation, your A/C unit, and even kill vulnerable animals. They can hinder your ability to mow the lawn, walk to the mailbox, or take out the trash without being attacked by savage biting fire ants.

Our clients find that the treatments we provide work well. Call Fire Ant Control, LLC, for a scheduled service, and you don’t have to worry about any risks. We can treat your property, and you won’t have to wait any period of time for re-entry. Instead of wasting your time and money trying to take care of the problem yourself, call us to handle it with no effort required on your part.

The challenge when dealing with imported red fire ants is substantial, but it doesn’t have to be. Schedule fire ant control and treatment for your pasture, home, business, or other property in Campbell, FL, by calling us at Fire Ant Control, LLC. The number is 239-312-8200, and our friendly customer service staff is happy to provide a free estimate.