Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Cape Royal, FL

Money-back guaranteed fire ant control & treatment for privately and publicly owned properties in Cape Royal, FL, is as close as a booking with Fire Ant Control, LLC. We stand behind our budget-friendly and effortless services.

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Cape Royal, FLThe invasion of red imported fire ants is a substantial issue in the southern half of the US. In fact, the Southeastern states are under quarantine to prevent the spread. Along with the Fire Ant Control, LLC, sister companies, we offer service to this entire quarantined area and can serve up to 1k acres/day.

While most of us refer to the demons of the insect world as fire ants, they’re also known as red imported fire ants and scientifically known as Solenopsis invicta. These insects can injure, destroy, and spread far physically and in numbers. They build, breed, and attack with the same drive that marks all they do.

In addition to the unique behavior red imported fire ants display, they also have a unique venom that leaves a painful red blister with a hard white center that burns and hurts. In some cases, the venom can trigger an anaphylactic response in a tiny percentage of the population.

Red imported fire ants’ physical damage can be widespread and costly. Dead trees and crops, cracked sidewalks and home foundations, and damaged wiring and HVAC systems are all outcomes that are real dangers of fire ant infestations.

The reputation of Fire Ant Control, LLC, is one of professionalism, effectiveness, and customer service. We strategically apply the granular bait we employ to reap the greatest reward. After your initial treatment, your property will be at least 85% free of fire ants, and with follow-up treatment every four months, the property will remain that way.

FYI Regarding Fire Ants

When you look around your yard or other property, the physical signs that should indicate a fire ant’s presence are the round, flat mounds that serve as temperature regulation, entrance, and exit. Below ground lies the intricately connected tunnels and the millions of ants building them. 

Many red imported fire ant colonies have more than one queen, and each acre of property with more than one queen can house up to 40 million fire ants.

If you happen upon a fire ant nest unexpectedly, you will know it quickly. Fire ants will pour forth from the nest and attack, all at the same time, stinging and biting until they’re removed from the victim. When attacked by red imported fire ants, clean the area with soap and water or an alcohol wipe. Hydrocortisone cream and antihistamine may be necessary as well.

FYI Regarding Fire Ant Control Treatment

The process that we use depends on a granular bait that targets the ability of the queen to lay eggs. As an insect growth regulator, the bait sterilizes the queen when she consumes it. Without any new citizens, the colony dies as the living ants complete their life cycle. This process requires about a month, or a life cycle, for the full impact to occur. Reapplication is essential every four months since fire ants do migrate and spread.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, is a comprehensively licensed and insured company. The bait we use is regulated and approved for private and public property applications.

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