Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Celebration, FL

Get back to enjoying the outdoors of your property in Celebration, FL, with fire ant control and treatment from the specialists at Fire Ant Control, LLC. Our methods are proven, effortless, and cost-effective.

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Celebration, FLFire Ant Control, LLC, and our collaborative sister companies can treat the whole quarantined area of the Southeast US, servicing 1,000 acres per day and providing unique applications to Florida’s residential, commercial, agricultural, and public properties.

Why Fire Ant Populations Must Be Minimized

The risks of allowing fire ant populations to run wild include injury and damage. Concrete slabs like sidewalks and home foundations, HVAC systems and electronic components, critical equipment, livestock, pets, children, residents, workers, and guests can all fall victim to red imported fire ants.

The unique venom of these fire ants causes a hard blister with a white center. The blister usually lingers for a week or more and is quite painful. The venom can also cause an anaphylactic allergic response for a small portion of the population.

The fire ant attack occurs at the slightest disruption, and they all attack at the same time, biting and stinging savagely. If this attack happens, remove the fire ants as soon as possible, clean the area with either soap and water or alcohol, and then continue close observation in case of an unknown allergy.

The prevention of fire ant infestations can be difficult, but making sure to fix water leaks, storing food in airtight conditions, and keeping the property clear of leaves, logs, and clippings are places to start. Then, call Fire Ant Control, LLC.

How We Operate

Fire Ant Control, LLC, employs a slightly devious process, using bait that the fire ants perceive to be tasty food. Scavenging ants find the bait and carry it to their queen’s colony. Once she ingests it, she becomes sterile, sealing the fate of the colony’s population. Unable to lay new eggs, the queen and the other living ants die, and the colony’s population zeros out.

Be cautious with attempting other treatments. DIY suggestions include drowning out the colony with water, gas, and vinegar or even burning the colony. However, the only things you’ll accomplish are hurting yourself and possibly inspiring the colony to relocate a few feet away.

To understand this phenomenon, remember the response of red imported fire ants to heavy rains. They will surround the queen in a ball of protection, using their bodies as a shield and a raft to float to high ground. The mass of the colony is so far below ground that attacking it through the mound is pointless.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, offers a guarantee with treatment three times per year that the property will stay up to 95% free of fire ants, or we’ll return your payment. The bait that we use lasts for four months at a time, so you’ll need to reschedule service every four months. However, if you fail to reschedule the service, the guarantee won’t apply.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, provides more than fire ant control and treatment to homes and businesses in Celebration, FL. We also offer peace of mind. Secure yours by establishing your spot on our schedule by contacting us online or calling (239) 312-8200.