Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Championsgate, FL

Fire Ant Control, LLC, is the most effective fire ant control and treatment method available in Championsgate, FL. As a comprehensively licensed and insured company, we utilize a potent product that protects from fire ants for four months at a time or your money back.

Are Fire Ants Really That Big of a Deal?

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Championsgate, FLJust live with them, you might say. They are an unavoidable part of life in Florida. Both of these statements are untrue and dangerous. Red imported fire ants cause injury and property damage. Since they also have a quick reproduction rate and live below ground for the most part, they are difficult to control but not impossible.

The Fire Ant Control, LLC, solution comes in the form of a powerful granular bait that has been approved for use around humans, animals, and crops. With the help of our sister companies, we serve the entire Southeast portion of the US, servicing up to 1,000 acres per day.

Call on us whether you have a small yard lot or a thousand acres of pasture. We can protect residential, agricultural, commercial, and public properties from the scourge of red imported fire ants.

When you have fire ants present, the children, pets, vegetation, and guests to your home are at risk for injury. These ants attack aggressively with little provocation, and when they do, they both bite and sting, all attacking in synchronicity. The resulting blisters are unlike anything other ants cause. They’re painful and feature a white pustule in the center.

A small portion of the population can be allergic, leading to an anaphylactic reaction as well.

The damage that red imported fire ants can do is also substantial. Red imported fire ants will turn to HVAC systems, underneath foundations and sidewalks, and even within the home when resources are lacking, or the weather turns inhospitable.

Why Do Fire Ants Love This Area?

Red imported fire ants love this area for the same reasons we do: the warmth, the sun, the moisture, and the beautiful vegetation. Take back your paradise with Fire Ant Control, LLC.

Targeting the Fire Ant Population Works

Much of the fire ant population on your property will never be seen. They live in underground colonies, where they’re constantly constructing and expanding the colony’s size in terms of tunnels and population.

Colonies with more than one queen can hold up to 40 million red imported fire ants within a single acre of property.

Disrupting the population is the only way to manage a fire ant problem. Sprays and chemicals only eliminate the surface ants, a minuscule portion of the population.

The bait we use acts like spycraft. It’s carried to the queen, and after she enjoys her meal, she loses the ability to propagate the colony. Without new eggs, the colony ceases to exist within a month. While not immediate, this method works well for four months at a time. Your property will remain 85-95% free of fire ants with treatment every six months.

Manage the fire ant population on your property by choosing Fire Ant Control, LLC for the fire ant control and treatment in Championsgate, FL. Give us a call to discuss our prices and methods or schedule a service or consultation: (239) 312-8200.