Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Clewiston, FL

It will likely take one interaction with a fire ant swarm to respect the necessity of fire ant control & treatment in Clewiston, FL. We are Fire Ant Control, LLC, and as our name states, we specialize in handling the buggers before they have time to infiltrate your home, destroy your property, and cause you or your loved ones injury.

The Difficulty of Handling Fire Ants

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Clewiston, FLIndependent treatment of fire ants is quite difficult, but the need to deal with them is clear. You should be able to enjoy the outdoor spaces of your property without fear of attack. Instead of trying to handle fire ants on a DIY basis, call in the pros. We have the processes, experience, and product needed to handle fire ants effectively.

The Damage Potential from Red Imported Fire Ants

Fire ants survive and thrive. They will set up house in practically all conditions. In addition to the typical spaces you’d expect like open pastures and lawns, you’ll also find them around trees, under your home’s foundation, within hay bales, inside laundry piles, inside your HVAC system, etc. All of these areas can be destroyed by fire ant behavior. The only way to protect your property from expensive damage is to manage the fire ant population.

The aggressive behavior of red imported fire ants creates a dangerous situation. An innocent walk through your yard could result in a vicious attack because the single ant bit is rare. They usually attack as a group, all biting and stinging simultaneously.

The unique venom fire ants have creates a hard blister with a white center when injected, and in some people, the reaction can be deadly. Following a fire ant attack, clean the area with soapy water or alcohol, and monitor for anaphylaxis. If a severe allergic reaction occurs, get the victim immediate medical attention.

Resolving the Fire Ant Problem

The seriousness of a fire ant infestation and the difficulty of treating it on your own might make you think that professional treatment will be difficult, but it’s not when you call on us.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, provides a convenient treatment that will control the fire ant population on your property, keeping it up to 95% free of fire ants with sustained treatments three times per year.

The method that we use focuses on preventing the continuation of the population. Our bait tricks the worker ants into taking it to the queen, and when she consumes it, no new eggs are laid, meaning that once the living ants reach the end of their life cycle, the population zeroes out.

This bait is incredibly effective, and it’s approved for use on all types of properties. It can be used around people and animals without putting them in danger.

We dedicate ourselves to your ability to enjoy your property without fear of fire ant attack, and we do so in a convenient fashion that doesn’t disrupt your day.

Furthermore, with repeat treatments every four months, we support our service with a money back guarantee.

If you live in Clewiston, FL, or elsewhere in the South, your property is likely infested with red imported fire ants and in need of fire ant control & treatment. Schedule your initial or follow-up service today by contacting us online or calling 239-312-8200.