Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Crystal Lake, FL

Fire ant control and treatment provided by Fire Ant Control, LLC, is the intelligent choice for Crystal Lake, FL, property owners. Our service will keep your property 85-95% free of red imported fire ants for four months at a time – or your money back!

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Crystal Lake, FLSolenopsis invicta, commonly called red imported fire ants, are the worst of the fire ant species. They will nest among tree roots, HVAC systems, home foundations, wiring, laundry piles, rotted logs, sunny open pastures, and pretty much anywhere else that offers warmth, water, and food. They will aggressively attack anything they perceive to be a threat to the colony, including people, animals, and vegetation.

The red imported fire ants have a unique venom that creates a terrible blister with a white pustule and will even lead to anaphylaxis in a small percentage of the population.

The best approach to mitigating fire ants is to act promptly. Eliminate the problem before they have time to destroy property and injure pets and people. At Fire Ant Control, LLC, we offer the most effective methods for dealing with fire ant populations.

Fire ants are drawn to warm spaces with plenty of humidity and water. They’ll nest around parks, pastures, and meadows, but they will also infiltrate homes, A/C systems, bales of hay, and even kitchen pantries. The only way to effectively manage the population is to target their reproduction ability.

Fire Ant Management

The fire ant management methods we use are impressively effective, not only for reducing the fire ant population but also for the long-term effectiveness of the effort. We’re able to treat all sorts of properties. Whether you have a small yard, a commercial golf resort, or thousands of pasture acreage, allow us to help control the fire ant population.

Homes and Apartment Complexes

Fire Ant Control, LLC, will make it safe to send your kids out to play, the Amazon guy to deliver your packages, and you to get out and work on that flower bed you keep promising yourself to nurture. We live in one of the most beautiful climates in the world. It’s a shame to allow insect terrorists to take that away from us.

Florida’s Favorite Pastime

Golf is another feature of Florida life that red imported fire ants can disrupt. The open, warm, sun-exposed spaces of golf courses are as much of a paradise to ants as they are to the average Floridian male. Unfortunately, the two don’t mix. The wind off the swing can inspire an unmerciful attack. Fire ants can also destroy the irrigation systems, lighting, and golf carts.

Outdoor Recreational Spaces

One place that should never have a fire ant problem is a park. Imagine a poor toddler stumbling onto a fire ant nest. They may be paralyzed with fear, not understanding what is causing the pain. Even worse, the little one could be allergic and have an anaphylactic response to the venom.

We guarantee that the property will remain 85-95% free of fire ants with service three times per year. The bait needs to be reapplied every four months because fire ants relocate and establish new colonies all the time.

For a free estimate or to schedule fire ant control and treatment in Crystal Lake, FL, reach out to Fire Ant Control, LLC at (239) 312-8200 or online.