Fire Ant Control & Treatment in DeBary, FL

Fire Ant Control, LLC, has the best possible method for managing fire ant control and treatment in DeBary, FL. We and our sister companies serve the entire Southeast U.S.

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in DeBary, FLThe confidence that we have in our methods ensures that the properties we treat will remain 85-95% ant-free for four months at a time. The type of property doesn’t matter; we’re able to treat agricultural, residential, and commercial properties with no re-entry interval required on private property.

Florida is a haven for imported red fire ants. The humidity and warmth create an environment that they love, so you’ll find ants all over. Open spaces, yards, public parks, sidewalk edges, home foundations, animal feeding areas, and more are all vulnerable to fire ant invasion.

The tourism and recreational industries of this area are critical to the economy, so fire ant management measures are critical. The various public rec areas, golf resorts, sports arenas, horse ranches, and other areas need this type of management, and Fire Ant Control, LLC provides the best product available.

Injury and Damage Due to Fire Ants

The fact that fire ant stings hurt is not new information. What is new information is the fact that imported red fire ants have their own unique venom. This venom causes a red bump with a white center, and enough bites and stings can cause a serious allergic reaction.

Fire ants also attack in unison. If the mound is disturbed even a slight bit, a swarm of ants will climb upward and attack viciously and immediately.

Washing the bites from imported red fire ants with soap or rubbing them with alcohol will help with the pain and prevent infection. If an allergic reaction occurs, you’ll need to seek immediate medical intervention.

The effect and damage on machines and electrical components occur because of the heat. These insects will damage the equipment and cost a fortune in repairs and replacements.

The Long-Term Fire Ant Answer

Fire Ant Control, LLC, specializes in controlling imported red fire ants on any property. We expertly apply our granular bait which functions like a Trojan Horse to eliminate the colony from within.

An insect growth regulator, our bait prevents the queen from reproducing. The worker ants find the bait, ingest it, and take it into the network of tunnels to the queen. This solution doesn’t work immediately, but within a few weeks, the whole colony will be gone as the living ants die off.

Since ants are mobile, you will have to schedule a fresh application of bait every four months. Otherwise, your property will be repopulated with imported red fire ants.

We can never promise that you will never have fire ants, nor can we promise that a mound or a few (depending on size of property) might form again during this time. But our bait is guaranteed to control infestations for four months.

Call Fire Ant Control, LLC, by dialing (239) 312-8200 to get your free estimate or to secure a place on our service schedule. We’re fully licensed and insured, and guarantee we will provide effective fire ant control and treatment on property in DeBary, FL.