The most effective and affordable fire ant control and treatment in Deland, FL, is available from Fire Ant Control, LLC. We provide hands-free management of fire ants on residential, commercial, agricultural, and public properties.

The Fire Ants That Invaded North America

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Deland, FLAn invasive species, Red Imported Fire Ants (scientifically named Solenopsis invicta) cause damage and injury. Their presence is insidious since they’re a non-native species without many natural predators and, in the decades since the migration began, they’ve slowly become common throughout the entire US South.

While bites and stings from fire ants hurt, they also do real property damage. Fire ants can cause cracks in the foundations of buildings, kill vulnerable trees, create electrical problems in homes, and even destroy HVAC systems. They’re also nearly impossible to manage without professional help.

The sting of a fire ant is painful, and multiple stings hurt even more. Unfortunately, fire ants generally travel in a group and sting as a group so, more often than not, you’ll have several bites at once. Instead of just hoping your children and guests avoid fire ants, eliminate the danger.

Wherever you have fire ants, we have a solution. Our granular bait appeals to worker ants who take it home to the queens. The bait then sterilizes the queen, preventing further population growth. If no new ants are born, the colony will die out. We can make your pasture, farm, yard, garden, and even parking lot safe from the dangers of invasive red fire ants.

The fire ant life cycle is about a month, so within a month of application, you’ll be 85-95% free of ants. However, ants do migrate, so you’ll need to have repeated applications every four months for fire ant population control measures to work continuously.

With regular treatment, we can provide 99% freedom from fire ants. The process we use works so well that we back it with a guarantee. We pledge that you’ll see a significant reduction of fire ant activity as long as you continue with regularly scheduled treatment.

Our products are, by far, the best available, outperforming and underpricing sprays and commercially available poisons. We are fully licensed and insured, and we have approval to use our bait on public and private properties.

When we come for service, we’re happy to answer questions, but we’re equally happy to treat your property without as little interaction as you’d like. We offer an entirely hands-free fire ant solution.

Identifying a Fire Ant Problem

  • Visually inspect your property for round mounds of soil
  • After a rain, check around stumps, trees, and home foundations
  • If one of these mounds is disturbed, ants charge up from it
  • Any sting from these ants will burn and form a blister with a white center

These signs indicate that you have a problem with fire ants. Bear in mind that the mounds may be above ground, but the fire ant colony itself grows underground through lengthy subterranean channels. Treating the mounds does little to manage the problem. Protect your kids, pets, and guests by availing yourself of our services.

To schedule an appointment for fire ant control and treatment in Deland, FL, call (239) 312-8200 and speak to the customer service team at Fire Ant Control, LLC. We offer free consultations to identify the extent of your fire ant problem.