Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Delaney Park, FL

Homeowners and business owners in Delaney Park near Orlando, FL, will find effective fire ant control & treatment when they schedule service from Fire Ant Control, LLC. We offer methods that work well, at a reasonable cost and without extensive effort.

Considering All of the Fire Ant Management Options

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Delaney Park, FLIf you’ve ever heard the expression “more than one way to skin a cat,” you are likely from the South, and you understand that most problems have multiple solutions. This concept applies to fire ant control, but some “solutions” work better than others, and some treatments hardly work at all. Let’s walk through a few options before we return to professional intervention.

As a warning to all readers, bear in mind that standing near an ant mound when trying to apply treatment will result in you most likely being attacked. If you try any of these DIY remedies, dress for battle, and whatever you do, please do not use any method that calls for gasoline or fire.

DIY Method One – Pouring boiling water, vinegar, or another liquid directly into the mound

This treatment measure is largely ineffective. The queen will remain safe within the colony and will quickly re-establish the bulk of the colony. This practice generally results in mounds simply moving to other locations on the property.

DIY Method Two

Applying an insecticide onto the mounds. Whether you purchase an insecticide from your local home improvement store or have your landscaper apply the product he or she uses, the results will be less than impressive. Plenty of surface ants will die, yet the queen will carry on below ground, laying eggs to repopulate the colony.

This method also spreads chemicals that you might want to avoid. Be careful when spraying insecticides and protect yourself appropriately.

Professional Intervention – Call on Fire Ant Control, LLC, for an effective and convenient solution. We use a granular bait that is identified as food by fire ants, while it’s actually an insect growth inhibitor. Our solution is not immediate because we target reproduction. When the queen ingests the bait, she becomes infertile, so within a single life cycle, the population dwindles to nothing. Since fire ants move to establish colonies and find fresh resources, you’ll need to arrange for treatment every four months for our fire ant management program to work consistently.

If you follow through with Fire Ant Control, LLC, services three times per year, we offer a money-back guarantee that your property will remain 85% to 95% free of red imported fire ants.

Invest in Keeping Your Property Free of Fire Ants

In the South, fire ants are a common problem. While we may be accustomed to them, we shouldn’t have to suffer attacks and be unable to garden, get the morning paper, or let our children play without being attacked.

A very small segment of the population is allergic to fire ant stings, but all victims find the bites to be painful. Furthermore, an attack usually involves multiple bites and stings by a collective of fire ants at one time.

Invasive red imported fire ants are a substantial risk to the well-being of people and pets as well as the value and function of property. From the HVAC system to the foundation itself, your home is highly vulnerable to damage from these insects.

Fire ant control and treatment for your home or business in Delaney Park, FL, near Orlando, doesn’t have to be disappointing, dangerous, and disruptive. Allow Fire Ant Control, LLC, to handle the issue on your behalf by following this link to contact us online.