Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Doctor Phillips, FL

Schedule fire ant control and treatment services in Doctor Phillips in the Greater Orlando, FL, area with Fire Ant Control, LLC. As a fully insured and licensed company, we provide a money-back guarantee so long as the prescribed every four-month service protocol is followed.

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Doctor Phillips, FLScientifically known as Solenopsis invicta, Red Imported Fire Ants are a non-native species to the United States. Originally introduced to the US through the Port of Mobile in Alabama in about 1930, Red Imported Fire Ants are widely considered the most aggressive and most damaging of all the fire ant species. They reproduce quickly, scavenge successfully, and defend their colonies fiercely.

When red imported fire ants attack, the venom of the sting causes a blister with a hard center that can linger for a week or more. This sting is also quite painful, and the venom can cause an anaphylactic reaction in the small portion of the population with an allergy to red imported fire ants.

We at Fire Ant Control, LLC, operate out of Bokeelia, Florida. The entire Southeast US is infested with fire ants, and this entire area can be treated by our services in partnership with our sister companies. We employ treatment methods and products that can be used on thousands of acres, small and large plots of land, and public and private properties.

Close Paradise to Fire Ant Invaders

Fire ants find the area around Orlando incredibly attractive! The moisture, warmth, and sunny areas call to these pesky creatures, and they find the ample food available that helps them thrive. Fire ants reproduce very quickly, so unless the method of treatment addresses reproduction, it will not be effective.

Most properties in this area have significant fire ant populations even when they go unnoticed before disaster strikes. Single-queen colonies generally have 40-150 mounds with 7 million fire ants, and multi-queen colonies will create more than 200 mounds and house up to 40 million fire ants.

The most effective way to control fire ant populations is to call Fire Ant Control, LLC. Without it, the slightest mound disruption will instigate an aggressive attack with dozens of protective fire ants coming forth, biting and stinging simultaneously.

These attacks are incredibly painful, leaving blisters with hard pustules caused by the venom injected by stings. Cleaning the area with soap and water or alcohol as quickly as possible will minimize the pain, and the blister usually heals after a week or so. However, a small portion of the population is allergic and may experience anaphylactic shock, requiring fast medical intervention.

The intervention that we apply employs a strong, food-esque bait that addresses fire ants at their source, the queen. She loses the ability to reproduce when she consumes the bait, which the worker ants carry down to her. This process may not provide immediate gratification, but it works well and for the long term. The population will be 85-95% reduced after one single fire ant life cycle and will remain that way with repeat treatments three times per year.

Do you want to protect your property in the Doctor Phillips community of Orlando, FL, with fire ant control and treatment measures that are affordable and effective? Look no further than Fire Ant Control, LLC! Reach us today by following this link or calling (239) 312-8200.