Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Dover, FL

Take back your property from hideous red imported fire ants. Fire Ant Control, LLC, secures the safety and protection needed for your property in Dover, FL, with effective, affordable, and easy fire ant control and treatment measures.

More Than Pests

FFire Ant Control & Treatment in Dover, FLire ants are more than just pests; they’re dangerous. They have a unique venom that causes significant harm, especially for the small percent of the population with a severe allergy to that venom. As these ants attack, they do so as a group, all climbing, biting, and stinging together. In the end, victims are left with painful blisters with a white center, and these blisters can last for weeks. In the case of anaphylactic reactions, medical care is essential to survival.

Not only are these fire ants vicious attackers, but they also attack pretty easily. Come too close to the mound, and they will swarm en masse, attacking everything near. Feeding pets, playing in the yard, gardening, and even collecting the mail can become dangerous feats when fire ants await. Call Fire Ant Control, LLC, to take back the outdoor enjoyment of your property.

Handling a Fire Ant Problem

Managing fire ants on your own is a pursuit likely to fail. From home remedies to chemical sprays at the hardware store, you can find plenty of guidance from various sources, but none of the methods target the queen, the source of a rejuvenated population. Killing surface ants might give you temporary satisfaction, but the population won’t even be dented. In the best scenario, the mass of the population will remain, and in the worst case, you could be seriously injured or injure others.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, applies a food-like granular bait that works incredibly well. Worker ants carry the bait into the colony and feed it to the queen. It operates as an insect growth inhibitor and sterilizes the queen. Being unable to lay new fire ant eggs, the population diminishes by 85% within one life cycle. For four months at a time, the bait will protect the property from fire ants, but for consistent protection and up to 95% freedom from fire ants, you will need to schedule with us three times per year.

The Origin of the Fire Ant Issue

Red imported fire ants came from South America originally. They found their way into the US through the Port of Mobile in the 1930s. Being an invasive species, they have no competition for resources, and with their aggressive nature and fast reproductive qualities, the species quickly spread throughout the southern half of the US. The American Southeast is a particular problem.

Florida has the sunshine, humidity, and space to welcome red imported fire ants. Unfortunately, the abundance of fire ants often sends them into places where they shouldn’t be, causing damage. From your planting beds to your home foundation, little is safe from the harm possible from fire ant behavior.

Give us a call today to join the ranks of our satisfied customers. We are a fully licensed, insured, and experienced company with practices that work effectively and are approved for use around pets, livestock, and people.

As your ally in the fight against red imported fire ants, Fire Ant Control, LLC provides effective treatment measures for properties in Dover, FL. Reach out by calling (239) 312-8200 or contacting us online to schedule a service, a consultation, or ask any questions you might have.