Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Eagle Lake, FL

Effective fire ant control and treatment in Eagle Lake, FL, is as close as a phone call to Fire Ant Control, LLC. We offer a proven method of managing the unwelcome scourge of fire ants on your property.

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Eagle Lake, FLSolenopsis invicta, commonly known as red imported fire ants, came into the United States via the Port of Mobile, Alabama, about 1930. Nearly a century later, these pests have spread across the southern half of the United States. Being the monster of all fire ants, they reproduce incredibly fast, scavenge aggressively, and attack painfully, making them a tricky pest to conquer. In fact, they have no real natural competition for resources in this area.

Bokeelia, Florida, is the home of Fire Ant Control, LLC. In partnership with our sister companies, we provide fire ant management to the entire quarantined area of the US. We can provide service for up to 1,000 acres in a single day.

Understanding the Nature of Fire Ants

Red imported fire ants live underground in networks of tunnels with outlets above ground in mounds of loose soil. The mounds provide solar heating and an entrance and exit, and below ground, the colony toils away, reproducing and building.

The population of the colony begins with one queen and one male. They mate in the air; the male dies and the queen drops to the ground to establish her kingdom.

As the population grows, the queen continues to lay eggs while the rest of the ants focus on either construction, protection, hunting, or nurturing the eggs and newly hatched ants.

A single queen can live 2-6 years, laying up to 5,000 acres each day.

When a colony has a single queen, it may have up to 7 million fire ants per acre, and when the colony has more than one queen (as it can), the colony’s population can top 40 million per acre.

Red imported fire ants typically invade any area with access to moisture, food, and warmth. From sunny pastureland to golf courses, flower beds, and even your home’s laundry room, all properties in Florida are highly vulnerable to a fire ant invasion.

The threat that fire ants pose includes the risk of anaphylactic reactions to those who might come in contact with colonies. Fire ants sting and bite simultaneously, and they attack collectively. The unique venom they inject into victims can cause a severe allergic reaction in a small percentage of the population. In others, the result is still a painful blister that lasts a week.

The property damage that fire ants do might surprise you. An infestation will destroy your home’s foundation, planting beds, A/C unit, and even the lives of vulnerable animals.

Method of Attack

To be effective, the red imported fire ants management must focus on the queen. Without stopping reproduction, the colony will replenish for a never-ending problem.

We concentrate on making the queen infertile. Being unable to lay eggs, as the population dies, the colony doesn’t build back up. This method works for four months at a time before the bait will need to be reapplied.

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