Fire Ant Control & Treatment in East Lake, FL

East Lake, FL, property owners need a weapon in the war on fire ants, and Fire Ant Control, LLC, provides treatment measures that will leave your property 85-95% free of fire ants for three-month periods without costing a fortune or disrupting your schedule. 

We make this pledge with a money-back promise that your funds will be refunded should we fail to live up to it.

The Fire Ant Problem

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in East Lake, FLRed imported fire ants sneaked into the US during the 1930s through the Port of Mobile, AL. The pests found the climate in the area to be so ideal for their success that they quickly spread and began to dominate all other ant species. In East Lake, fire ants find the moisture, warmth, and sun they need to grow their colony. 

The Southeast in the US is rich in fire ants and quarantined because of them. In collaboration with our sister companies, we serve up to 1,000 acres daily in this area. 

Fire ants love to nest just about anywhere. Rotting logs and debris underneath concrete slabs, open pasture lands, golf greens, A/C units, and even piles of laundry are vulnerable to nesting by fire ants. Protect your family and your property by calling the pros at Fire Ant Control.

Living in this area means you likely have an issue with fire ants. For proof, look around your property the day after the next heavy downpour. Stumps, fence posts, sidewalks, trees, and other vertical structures will likely have small mounds of loose soil near them. These mounds are the new entrance and exit doors for the colony. They also provide temperature regulation that allows fire ants to thrive despite temperature extremes. 

Fire ant colonies constantly build and grow in size and numbers. Single queen colonies may feature 40-150 mounds and 7 million fire ants per acre, and multi-queen colonies may have more than 200 mounds with a population upwards of 40 million fire ants per acre.

Effective Measures for Fire Ant Population Management

Fire Ant Control, LLC, employs a robust, granular bait that effectively manages fire ant populations by preventing further reproduction and propagation of the colony.

This bait we use is regulated and approved for applications around livestock, pets, and people, without requiring a wait time for returning. 

As the worker ants gather food for the queen, find the bait, and deliver it to the queen for her meal, she becomes unable to lay more eggs once she’s enjoyed her share. The colony dwindles to nothing with no new eggs as the living ants’ life cycle ends.

After 22-38 days, your residence, farm, ranch, business, school, golf course, or other property will be up to 95% fire ant free. For four months, the bait will prevent re-establishment by new fire ants.

Our method and bait are far more effective and safer than other treatments. 

Consider the migrating nature of fire ants – how they establish new colonies as one grows too large and how they move to escape inclement conditions – and remember that we require reapplication of our bait every four months for the money-back guarantee to apply. 

For your initial or follow-up fire ant control & treatment in East Lake, FL, call Fire Ant Control today at (239) 312-8200 or follow this link.