Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Eaton Park, FL

The resilience, fast reproduction, and aggressiveness of red imported fire ants serve them well. When times get tough for them, they move, often into places where you don’t want them and don’t expect them. Say sayonara to the aggressive invaders, once and for all, with the fire ant control and treatment measures that Fire Ant Control, LLC, supplies in Eaton, Park, FL, and the surrounding areas.

The Injury and Damage Inflicted by Fire Ants

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Eaton Park, FLProtect your family and guests from the injury caused by red imported fire ants, and protect your property from the extensive damage that they can cause. The only way to effectively provide this protection is to manage the population.

Red imported fire ants are non-native insects, originally from South America, and now ubiquitous in the Southeast of the US. We work consistently, and with our sister companies, serve the entire quarantined area, up to 1,000 acres per day, with bait and methods that have been approved for use around humans, animals, and crops.

How to Know if Your Property Has Fire Ants

The most obvious way to tell if you have a fire ant problem is to step in a mound accidentally and suffer the consequences. You can, however, avoid this outcome with observation and diligence.

The simplest way to visually identify their presence is to look around following a bout of heavy rain. The red imported fire ants would have evacuated and re-established mounds near elevated surfaces like trees, posts, sidewalks, foundations, etc.

Another way to know that red imported fire ants are present is the body’s reaction to the bites and stings. Red imported fire ants do both simultaneously. The unique venom that the fire ants have leaves a hard blister with a white center that doesn’t occur with other ants. Watch carefully, however. This venom can also cause anaphylaxis in a small percentage of the population, and you will need to seek medical care ASAP.

Handling the Fire Ant Issue on Your Property

Fire Ant Control, LLC, provides a method of fire ant management that targets the population. Our strong bait resembles food to the ants, so they carry the meal down to their queen. The bait makes it impossible for her to lay new eggs, so the colony’s population is no more by the end of a complete life cycle.

Our method works long-term and is approved for use on all properties. The treatment results are fully seen about a month after application, and the treatment will protect your property with an 85-95% fire-ant-free status for four months at a time.

You should call us every four months for retreatment. Fire ants move, so your fire ant problem will return without regular service. Not only does the female fire ant fly to mate and then drop to establish her new colony in a new place, but fire ants also travel along with hay, sod, roofing materials, and various other products where they’ve established a nest.

If you’ve had enough of the fire ant problem on your property in Eaton, Park, FL, call for fire ant control and treatment provided by Fire Ant Control, LLC. You can contact us online or call (239) 312-8200. We look forward to helping you take back the enjoyment and use of your yard, pasture, park, or other property.