Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Eustis, FL

Residences, businesses, and even public spaces in Eustis, FL, stand to benefit from professionally supplied fire ant control & treatment measures. Fire Ant Control, LLC, is fully licensed, insured, and empowered with measures and product that get results.

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Eustis, FLWhether your role is that of homeowner, groundskeeper, property manager, or another that puts you in charge of fire ant control, you should call Fire Ant Control, LLC, to schedule your free consultation. All us to demonstrate how affordable and easy effective fire ant management can be.

Red Imported Fire Ants – The Backstory

During the 1930s, the first red imported fire ants hitched a ride into the United States. Since that time, they’ve spread all over the southern half of the country, and they have no natural competition for resources to inhibit that spread. These voracious eaters and prodigious builders feed and destroy building foundations, vegetation, electrical equipment, and most of all, your peace of mind.

While red imported fire ants destroy property, they also reproduce quickly and cause unique injury when they attack. Fire ants are highly responsive to slight provocation. You may not even see the mound, but the vibration alone will be enough to instigate a violent attack that leaves blisters. A small portion of the population is allergic and can have an anaphylactic reaction to the attack.

Identifying the Problem

Fire ant mounds are a clear indication of a fire ant presence. The mounds of red imported fire ants aren’t pointed; they have flatter tops, reach a foot in height and a diameter about the same as a dinner plate. These mounds provide entrance and exit for the ants as well as a form of solar heating for the subterranean colony.

The appearance of the fire ant itself is also a clue as to infestation. The thorax and abdomen are typically darker than the head, and the ants are ¼” in length. Other ants without these visible features can actually be helpful to your property’s ecosystem.

Being attacked by a swarm of red imported fire ants is yet another way to tell if you have an infestation. Vibration and slight disruption are enough to trigger vicious attacks by fire ants. They climb and attack, latching on and stinging repeatedly. The unique venom of the fire ant causes a distinct blister with a white center that you wouldn’t see with other ant bites.

As a company, Fire Ant Control, LLC, serves the region of Southwest Florida, and in partnership with our sister companies, services the totality of the area under quarantine.

Stopping the queen’s reproductive abilities is the active feature of our process. We employ a granular bait that sterilizes the queen and prevents the colony from regenerating as the living fire ants die. For long term success, the property will require two treatments per year since fire ants move about and fly to forge new colonies.

With repeat treatment every four months, your property will remain 85-95% free of fire ants, or your money back. This method of fire ant management allows you to avoid monthly service and the bill that accompanies it.

Finding fire ant control & treatment measures in Eustis, FL that are affordable, effective, and convenient is surprisingly simple. Just call Fire Ant Control, LLC, at (239) 312-8200 for your free consultation, initial treatment, or six-month retreatment.