Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Fairview Shores, FL

Fairview Shores, FL, should be a place of outdoor appreciation and not an area where fire ant worries overwhelm the experience. Property owners can limit the ant population by up to 95% with fire ant control and treatment. Fire Ant Control, LLC, offers affordable service for your property, whether you’re raising kids, chickens, or raising Cain.

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Fairview Shores, FLA money-back guarantee from Fire Ant Control, LLC, backs our service. With thrice-yearly fire ant management service, we guarantee that your property will maintain freedom from fire ants, or we’ll refund your service fee. The granular bait we use has been cleared for use around people and animals and is highly effective.

Effective and Appropriate for Use on All Types of Properties

A fire ant treatment that can be used around your pets and kids without concern is highly desirable, especially since the typical ineffective and expensive chemicals don’t offer this promise. The bait that we will apply on your property doesn’t require a wait time for return and doesn’t travel by air.

The food-like granular bait used by Fire Ant Control, LLC targets the queen, not the mound. By stopping reproduction, we prevent the propagation of the colony. After we apply the bait, the worker ants transport it to the queen, and she becomes sterile upon ingestion. As the life cycle of the living ants ends, no new fire ants are hatched as replacements.

Convenient and Hassle-Free Service

A fire ant infestation can be quickly resolved. You don’t have to waste time and money with DIY solutions or ineffective landscaping sprays. Instead, call Fire Ant Control, LLC, for 85-95% freedom from fire ants within a few weeks. This status can remain consistent with rescheduled service every four months.

Consumption, erosion, and degradation of the bait are inevitable, and fire ants move around, establishing new colonies. Replacing the bait supply is non-negotiable. This repeat treatment every four months is essential.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, can head off the invasion before it begins with our granular bait.

The Full Reach of Our Service

In collaboration with our partnering companies, we can treat 1,000 acres/day. Our coverage area encompasses the entirety of the fire ant quarantine region, including all of the Southeast US. Pastureland, golf resorts, parks, schools, homes, and apartment complexes can all be treated with our methods. Return to the full enjoyment of the outdoors with our service.

Full-Service Treatment

Unfortunately, the fire ant infestation on your property can extend to all sorts of places. Pastureland, yards, gardens, planting beds, cement slabs, AC equipment, hay bales, pantries, cars, and any other place where they can fit can be infested by fire ants. Along with infestation comes injury and property damage.

Bites and stings from fire ants are painful. The fire ants attack simultaneously, and their unique venom creates a painful blister with a white center. For a small portion of the population, the consequences are even more dire. An anaphylactic reaction can lead to death without immediate medical intervention.

Reach out to Fire Ant Control, LLC, to secure timely and convenient fire ant control and treatment in Fairview Shores, FL. For a place on our schedule or to receive a free quote, call (239) 312-8200.