Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Fernandina Beach, FL

Fire ant control and treatment in Fernandina Beach, FL, is an essential part of owning property here. Fire Ant Control, LLC, will manage the population of red imported fire ants on your property and keep them from taking over. Without this management, fire ants can cause injury, damage, and mayhem. Affordable treatments that work are a call away.

Not Just a Nuisance

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Fernandina Beach, FLFire ants are far more than a nuisance. While an infestation of these creatures is directly annoying, the expanding nature of the colony can do serious damage to the infrastructure of your home and property.

If you’ve been attacked by an army of fire ants, you understand the problem. Imagine it’s your child or pet that experiences such injury. Fire ants attack in synchronicity, climbing and stinging. Unfortunately, as unusual as these ants are in their viciousness, they also have a unique venom. It causes painful blisters, and for those with allergies, death without timely medical assistance.

Vulnerable livestock, horses, and other animals are at risk as well. The young, old, and sick can be killed by fire ants, so part of care must be fire ant population control.

Fire ants build their colonies in a great expanse of subterranean tunnels. This construction will destroy HVAC equipment, electrical features, trees, home foundations, and more. Don’t expect red imported fire ants to disappear without intervention. The problem will only get worse. Call us before you spy the ghastly bugs inside of your home.

Taking Care of Red Imported Fire Ants

Trying to solve the problem on your own is the first instinct of many homeowners. They believe it will save money and work just as well. The problem is that most products you buy at home improvement stores address mounds individually, taking care of surface ants and leaving the core of the nest intact and building anew.

The crew here at Fire Ant Control, LLC, provides granular bait carefully applied in a manner that addresses reproduction itself. Worker ants gather the granular bait and carry it to the queen. Once she ingests the bait, she becomes sterile, so the fire ant population diminishes as each living ant expires.

The treatment we use works well for four months, providing up to 95% freedom from fire ants. You will need to schedule another service every four months.

Fire ants move around. They even fly to mate, and once complete, the male dies while the queen chooses a new place to colonize. The granular bait is consumed and diminishes with time and rain, so it will need to be replenished three times a year for the money-back guarantee to apply. Otherwise, the new ants will successfully colonize the property.

We offer our fire ant treatment to schools, ranches, farms, residential properties, and businesses. From a golf course to a horse pasture, we treat every property as equally important, offering a fire ant solution to all.

Why Are Fire Ants Here?

Fire ants are difficult to manage because they’re not native to the area. From South America, red imported fire ants have migrated throughout the southern portion of the United States. They don’t have a native competitor for resources, so they thrive without our service.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, steps in and keeps fire ants from taking over your property, killing vulnerable animals, or destroying vegetation or crops.

For a convenient and cost-effective fire ant control and treatment in Fernandina Beach, FL, property owners should call Fire Ant Control, LLC, at (239) 312-8200.