Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Fish Hawk, FL

If you’ve tried all the do-it-yourself fire ant control ideas that you’ve found online and are finally ready to admit defeat in Fish Hawk, FL, call for treatment today. Fire Ant Control, LLC, offers an effective and affordable management solution for an otherwise overwhelming problem.

If you’ve never experienced a fire ant attack, you might not understand the need for treatment. Allow us to explain.

Fire Ant Injury and Damage

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Fish Hawk, FLImported red fire ants are an insidious danger that you might not immediately recognize. In fact, by the time you feel the tickle of the ants’ climb, and shake your limbs in response, time’s up; the attack has begun.

Each bite and sting is painful, and these ants attack together while climbing. The bites leave a swollen red bump with a white center, and in some cases, they can cause an allergic reaction. Protect your vulnerable pets and children by managing the number of ants in your yard.

Your lawn isn’t the only area vulnerable to ant habitation. Farms and ranches also experience problems with fire ant infestations. From vegetation to newly born animals and even hay, feed, and electrical equipment – a population of imported red fire ants can damage it all.

For a fast answer to this problem, reach out to Fire Ant Control, LLC.

Unexpected Damage by Fire Ants

Did you know that fire ants can kill trees and destroy your home’s foundation? If you have a population of imported red fire ants under your home, they’ll come in. From piles of laundry to chewed open pop tart packaging, these ants are relentless in their search for moist, warm areas as well as food.

Other areas that could experience costly damage include your HVAC equipment, electric breakers, and other electric equipment. The ants are drawn to the warmth of the electricity, and they will wreck it all.

Take Our Word for It

Before you try crazy ideas that you see on social media for dealing with fire ants, give us a call.

If you use a process that treats the mounds, you’re wasting your time. You may see several hundred ants die on the surface, but the work continues underground where millions of their comrades carry on.

Before you boil water, purchase expensive chemicals that could hurt your pets, or choose another common method, call Fire Ant Control, LLC. Our methods work without causing any hazard for your family or animals.

The Fire Ant Control Method

We can promise at least an 85% reduction of fire ant populations because of our plan of attack.

Instead of focusing on the mound, we focus on reproduction. All new fire ants come through the queen, so if we can kill her and prevent her from continuing to reproduce, we can take care of the entire colony’s future growth.

We use a granular bait that imported red fire ants ingest and deliver to the queen. As she eats, she seals the fate of her colony. The bait is a growth inhibitor that prevents her from laying any more eggs. By the end of one life cycle, the ant population will be up to 99% gone.

This bait must be reapplied every 4 months.

We’re proud to be your go-to for fire ant control and treatment in the area around Fish Hawk, FL. Call Fire Ant Control, LLC, at (239) 312-8200 instead of playing around with ineffective measures.