Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Fort Denaud, FL

Fire ant control and treatment is available in Fort Denaud, FL, from Fire Ant Control, LLC. Our small business is a powerful ally for the property owners of the area in their quest to defeat the Red Imported Fire Ant.

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Fort Denaud, FLFire ants will invade any type of property. You’re as likely to find them in your front yard as you would a horse pasture, garden, playground, or other area.

Their presence is problematic for most areas in Southwest Florida. From tourist areas to golf courses, residential lawns, commercial areas, and more, we can help property owners protect the visitors, residents, and users of the areas.

Of all the fire ants, the red imported fire ant is the most dangerous. Being a non-native species, it lacks competition in the natural environment and flourishes in the warm, humid climate of the area.

When fire ants are allowed to flourish on your property, outdoor activities become a gamble. Mowing the grass, gardening, even a simple game of hide and seek can end in a vicious attack. Unfortunately, fire ants emit a unique venom and attack as an army, so the results are painful, itchy blisters for most and dangerous allergic responses for some.

If the response to the sting is mild, cleansing the wounds with soap and water should be sufficient, but when the allergic response is more serious, hydrocortisone cream and allergy pills like Benadryl® can help with the itch and redness. For a small percentage of the population, anaphylaxis occurs. In these cases, immediate medical attention is required.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, can mitigate the danger that these vicious creatures pose. We can eliminate their presence, up to 95%, for four-month periods. Our process is far superior to other options, whether you try treatments available at home improvement stores or whatever chemical is riding in the back of your landscaper’s truck, all efforts at population control will pale in comparison to the results that we at Fire Ant Control, LLC, can deliver.

We treat all types of properties, and the bait that we use is approved for use around pets and people without a waiting period for re-entry. When we provide service, you can rest assured that it will be convenient, and we won’t cause damage to the grounds while we work. In conjunction with our sister companies, we can treat up to 1,000 acres per day, covering the entire quarantined area, otherwise known as the Southeast United States.

Our techs strategically place the strong bait that we use so that fire ants will come across the bait and carry it down into the colony to the queen. When she ingests the food, she becomes infertile, and no new ants are hatched to replace the ones that expire. Within a single life cycle, the fire ant population will zero out, or very close to it. With repeat treatments three times per year, your property will remain a minimum of 85% fire ant free, or we’ll refund your money.

If you’re in the Southwest portion of Florida, contact Fire Ant Control, LLC, for fire ant control and treatment of your home or business in Fort Denaud, FL. Click here or call 239-312-8200 for a free estimate or to schedule a treatment of your property.