Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Fort Green, FL

Fire Ant Control, LLC, specializes in fire ant control and treatment for residential, commercial, agricultural, and public properties in Fort Green, FL. Our trojan horse method of fire ant control invades the colony and stops the queen from reproducing, a much more effective measure than attacking one mound at a time.

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Fort Green, FLThe climate around this area is ideal for fire ant habitats. The humid weather, warm temperatures, and abundant waters create a paradise for these creatures. Throughout the Southern US, you’ll find these ants, but in Florida, they’re especially abundant. Give us a call whether you’re responsible for keeping the golf course free of ants, need to protect your cattle, or simply want to weed your garden without being attacked.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, is your best option for a successful fire ant intervention. We use a proven method that we can apply around animals and people, in areas as small as a suburban home’s yard to thousands of acres of ranchland. With the product that we use, you’ll have no restriction on re-entry following service.

Fire Ant Behavior

Red imported fire ants live in impressive, hidden networks of subterranean tunnels. Above ground, the only evidence of their home are mounds of loose soil. Underground, thousands of fire ants may not be seen, yet they’re still chugging along, constructing a massive network for their ever-expanding population. Before you know it, they’ll work their way into your home, your electrical components, and even under your home’s foundation.

To understand the population of red fire ants, consider this. Within one single-queen ant colony there may be up to 7 million ants per acre and 40-150 mounds. For colonies with more than one queen, the population jumps to 40 million per acre and more than 200 mounds.

Agricultural Management of Fire Ants

Farmers and ranchers both require management of fire ant populations. From protecting the workers who take care of crops and animals to preventing ants from damaging the crops and farm equipment and injuring vulnerable animals.

Public Management of Fire Ants

Providing the public with a place to relax and play is the purpose of parks and recreation areas, but an influx of red imported ants can destroy the fun. If you’re a community manager or park coordinator, be sure that the area is safe for incoming children and families to play without worries of being attacked by ruthless fire ants.

Residential Management of Fire Ants

The outdoor space of your home should be where a large portion of your life happens. Hosting a barbecue, relaxing on your porch, or participating in an impromptu kickball game with the kids can easily be ruined when a slight disruption of an unseen mound results in dozens of painful ant bites and stings.

Golf Course Fire Ant Management

Golf course properties and resorts are a critical element of the Florida lifestyle, but these properties are quite attractive to fire ants. Unfortunately, when the green has a fire ant issue, golfers pay the price. Keep your members happy by controlling the fire ants.

As part of responsible property ownership and management in Fort Green, FL, a program of fire ant control and treatment will keep the area 85-95% free of imported red fire ants. To schedule a service or request a free estimate, call Fire Ant Control, LLC, at your convenience: (239) 312-8200.