Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Fort Myers Beach, FL

Fire ants will make their homes on all types of properties. Residential properties, parks, businesses, schools, golf courses, and all other properties in the area are vulnerable to fire ant infestation. The painful attacks and property damage possible make fire ant control & treatment for all properties in Fort Myers Beach, FL, essential. Choose Fire Ant Control, LLC, for a proven service to mitigate fire ant populations.

Manage Populations by Halting the Life Cycle

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Fort Myers Beach, FLRed imported fire ant colonies begin when winged male and winged female ants fly into the air to mate. Once they do so, the male will die, having fulfilled his purpose, and the queen will drop to the ground. Her wings fall off, and she locates the ideal area to found her kingdom. She will then dig a tunnel and lay her first generation of progeny.

This queen is able to lay up to 1,500 eggs/day. These eggs take 20-25 days to hatch and will live up to 180 days. Colonies can be single- or multi-queen, and the populations can expand to 7 million/acre for single-queen colonies and 40 million/acre for multi-queen colonies.

Breakdown of a Fire Ant Colony

Imported red fire ants construct and habitat intricate nests of interconnected tunnels below ground with above-ground mounds being the only visible evidence of their presence. These flat hills of loose soil provide entrance, exit, and temperature control.

When populations expand, ants will make their way into other prime real estate including laundry piles, electrical units, pet feed stores, and even hay bales. As they build these nests, they will cause damage to property and injury to animals and people. The population will continue to grow and grow exponentially, spreading to new areas without intervention.

Don’t wait for the attack to occur. When it does, it could be a child, guest, or vulnerable pet. Red imported fire ants attack in a group with very little provocation. They climb upward, biting and stinging, at the same time, until physically removed. They have a unique venom that can cause an anaphylactic reaction in a small segment of the population.

Consider Treatment Options

Treatment options for red imported fire ants vary. The typical sprays and chemicals that you’ll find at home improvement stores treat the mounds of fire ant colonies, one at a time. Since most of the living of fire ants occurs underground, this method is ineffective. A few hundred surface fire ants may die, but the queen will replace them in no time.

The most effective way to control fire ant populations is the method that we at Fire Ant Control use. We apply a granular bait strategically to appeal to worker ants as food. They convey the bait to the queen, and she becomes infertile when she consumes it. Without new fire ant eggs being laid, the colony dwindles by 85-95% after a single life cycle.

The mobile behavior of red imported fire ants merits the need for retreatment every four months to maintain these results.

Comprehensively insured and licensed, Fire Ant Control, LLC, employs products and processes that can be applied to any type of property as well as pets, livestock, and people. With private property use, the bait doesn’t demand a wait time before re-entry either.

Dial (239) 312-8200 or click here to contact our customer support staff and learn about our operations, schedule service, or arrange for a free estimate from Fire Ant Control, LLC. No matter the number of acres or type of property in Fort Myers Beach, FL, fire ant control and treatment is available from us.