Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Fruitville, FL

Fire Ant Control, LLC, serves a range of private and public properties in Fruitville, FL, with fire ant control & treatment that targets the queen rather than the mound.

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Fruitville, FLFire ants adore this area due to the humidity, warmth, and moisture. These ants have invaded the whole southern United States, but they love Florida the most. If you have a property you’re responsible for maintaining, consider giving Fire Ant Control, LLC, a call to manage the population of fire ants.

The most effective measure of fire ant management is the one we use at Fire Ant Control, LLC. Our methods have been approved for use around people, pets, livestock, and crops. Our proven measures work for residential properties as well as it does on large estates and golf resorts.

The Life of the Fire Ant

Overcoming an enemy like red imported fire ants requires an understanding of their behavior. These fire ants are constructors. They build constantly, working on underground networks of intricate tunnels. The mounds of loose soil are the only evidence of this colony above ground, and they serve as solar heating mechanisms as well as entrance and egress for the ants.

Unchecked, these fire ants will invade all sorts of areas including your home, where they will proceed to damage your home’s foundation, electric wiring, and more. The problem will not magically improve; it’s one that has to be addressed.

Recognize the massive nature of fire ant populations. One acre can hold up to 7 million ants when you have single-queen colonies and up to 40 million fire ants if you have multi-queen colonies. This size of a problem requires the effective methods of population control we provide.

Protect Livestock and Crops

Fire ant populations need to be controlled on all properties but especially on agricultural properties. The workers who take care of animals and crops need to be protected from fire ant attacks, as does your livestock, equipment, and crops.

Protect the Public

Community recreational areas offer citizens and visitors places to enjoy the beauty of the area. Unfortunately, red imported fire ants put the community in danger when they infest parks and recreational spaces. The community board should call Fire Ant Control, LLC, to make sure that all members of the community can enjoy public spaces, no fire ant bites involved.

Protect Golf Resorts and Their Patrons

Swinging your golf club shouldn’t come with the risk of fire ant attacks. One of the primary activities in this area is enjoying a round of golf, and fire ants can quickly ruin the experience. We’re here for regularly applied treatment to keep the fareway clear of marauding fire ant colonies.

Protect the Home and Family You Love

You choose to live here for many reasons, but one of them is the beauty of the outdoors and the lovely weather. The outdoor space of your residence should be enjoyed. Be able to let your children play, garden without danger, and welcome guests with confidence that fire ants won’t leave them injured.

Property management and upkeep requires fire ant control & treatment measures when you live in Fruitville, FL. Fire Ant Control, LLC, provides an effective, appropriate, and effortless service that will manage the population well when re-serviced every four months. Learn more by reaching out online or calling (239) 312-8200.