Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Fuller Heights, FL

Protect your home or business in Fuller Heights, FL, from damage and injury caused by fire ants by securing service from Fire Ant Control, LLC, for treatment that works well and is approved for use around people and animals.

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Fuller Heights, FLFire Ant Control, LLC, has headquarters in Bokeelia and, together with our sister companies, can treat the whole area quarantined for red imported fire ants, up to 1,000 acres daily. Our specialists at Fire Ant Control, LLC, effectively manage fire ant populations on all types and acreages of properties.

No Natural Limits to the Red Imported Fire Ant Population

Florida welcomes red imported fire ants with ideal temperatures, sun, moisture, food sources, and space. Being an invasive species, red imported fire ants have no natural competition for resources to limit population growth. This means the damage and injury potential from an infestation on your property can be overwhelming.

Fire ant damage ranges in scope, but every property type can experience some damage. An unchecked infestation will run rampant until an intervention occurs.

If fire ants infest your garden, you won’t have much to harvest, and if you try, you’ll be attacked. The damage to vegetation primarily occurs before plants and trees mature. Considering the dollars and sweat invested in landscaping, choose to prevent them from destroying all your efforts.

Another issue with your garden and landscape will be a lack of earthworms, bees, and other pollinators and seed-spreaders due to a fire ant infestation.

Fire ants will also attack vulnerable animals. A fire ant attack can kill the young, sick, and old pets or livestock on your property. They will also infest bedding, feed, and other areas where you will be attacked while caring for them.

Careful storage of feed and repair of any leaks can help mitigate the continuation of an infestation.

Property damage to your home itself can result from a fire ant infestation. From the HVAC system to the concrete foundation, the food in your pantry, and even your personal vehicle, a persistent infestation is dangerous and damaging.

The Most Effective Management Approach

Fire Ant Control, LLC, uses an efficient and proven method for fire ant management. We use a strong bait that removes the queen’s ability to reproduce when she ingests it. This process takes a fire ant life cycle for full effect. However, it is more effective than sprays and insecticides that can be dangerous and only target surface ants, leaving the queen to keep propagating the colony’s population.

Red imported fire ants are mobile creatures. A newly mature queen will fly to mate, meeting the male in the sky. After the event, he will die, and she will drop to the ground to establish her colony. The fact that fire ants behave this way demands that properties be retreated every four months or three times per year.

Schedule fire ant control and treatment for your property in Fuller Heights, FL, for a solution that offers up to 95% freedom from fire ants. Contact us online or call (239) 312-8200 for a consultation, schedule a service, or clarify details of the process used by Fire Ant Control, LLC.