Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Gibsonia, FL

Your search for effective and affordable fire ant control and treatment in Gibsonia, FL, is over. You’ve found it in Fire Ant Control, LLC. We operate quickly without effort on your part, so nip the problem in the bud before it progresses.

Know Thy Enemy: A Fire Ant Primer

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Gibsonia, FLRed imported fire ants may not be from the Southeast, but they sure do love it here! The heat, sun, moisture, and ready food make this area particularly appealing to the species.

Originally from South America, fire ants made their way into the US nearly a century ago, and in the time since, they have established a foothold throughout the southern half of the US.

When fire ants attack, the bites and stings burn like fire. To stop the attack, you will have to physically remove the ants. Clean the area with alcohol or soap and water, and then monitor for signs of a severe allergic reaction that could be deadly.

Fire ants construct colonies belowground. Above ground, the mounds they use for entrance and egress, solar heating, and ventilation are the only signs of their presence. Within the earth, fire ants constantly toil, building their network of tunnels.

A colony consists of a queen, or queens, and worker ants. The worker ants nurture the eggs and larvae, care for the queen, hunt for food, and protect the colony from aggressors.

The fire ants that search for food have plenty to choose from because fire ants will eat practically anything organic. From bugs to animal food, fruits, crops, seeds, vulnerable animals, fire ants don’t usually have difficulty finding a meal. That’s why our bait has to be extra appealing to ensure that it’s not passed up for a more appetizing treat.

Fire ants are so aggressive that you’re guaranteed to be attacked if you get too close. This fact makes enjoying the outdoors difficult. You could become a victim to a painful attack by hundreds of fire ants for the crime of walking through the grass.

Injury isn’t the only problem. Damage from fire ants extends to your garden, sidewalk, home foundation, HVAC system, and even the food in your pantry.

Handling the Fire Ant Population on Your Property

Colonies of red imported fire ants have substantial populations, and managing them requires targeting the source, which is the queen.

On properties with single-queen colonies, you can expect 7 million fire ants per acre, and those with multi-queen colonies can have up to 40 million per acre! Spray chemicals will never handle these populations.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, applies our bait strategically around the property to appeal to fire ants as they scavenge for food. This bait destroys the colony at its source. As an insect growth inhibitor, this bait sterilizes the queen, and no new ants are born as the living ones complete their life cycle. The result is that 85-95% of the fire ant population will be gone.

Fire Ant Control, LLC offers the best fire ant treatment to property owners in Gibsonia, FL. With service every four months, your property will remain up to 95% free of fire ants, or your money back. Protect your family, guests, and property by calling (239) 312-8200 or contacting us online.