Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Golden Gate Estates, FL

If you’re searching for fire ant control & treatment in Golden Gate Estates, FL, book service with Fire Ant Control, LLC. The service that we offer can keep your property up to 95% free of red imported fire ants with repeated service three times each year. 

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Golden Gate Estates, FLThe treatment service that we provide comes with a money-back guarantee as long as clients reschedule service every four months as required for successful maintenance of population control. Failing to book retreatment will result in a reinfestation. 

Fire Ant Control, LLC, uses a product and method of application that you can rely on to work effectively for the long term.

Regulated, Potent, and Approved

Finding a fire ant solution that works well and doesn’t pose a risk might seem impossible, but Fire Ant Control, LLC, offers one. The granular bait that we use is regulated and approved for applications around vegetation, livestock, pets, and people. Following application of the bait, you won’t have to wait a period of time before re-entering the property. 

Instead of focusing on fire ant mounds and killing a few surface ants, our measures target reproduction. We employ a granular bait that we strategically spread to work as efficiently as possible. Fire ants find the bait, carry it to the queen, and kill the colony in the process. The queen becomes unable to lay eggs when she eats the bait, so within a life cycle, the colony’s population zeroes out.

Effective Long-Term Solution

Once we arrive and provide a fire ant treatment, it won’t be long before you see a significant reduction in fire ants. Service every four months will keep the area up to 95% free of fire ants. 

The reasons treatment needs to be applied every four months are multifold:

  • The bait is consumed;
  • The bait is washed away;
  • Fire ants move to establish new colonies.

When the winged males and females reach maturity, they fly to mate in the air. Once they’ve mated, the male dies, and the female loses her wings, drops to the ground, and searches for the perfect place to establish her own colony. Regular treatment stops this process before it has a chance to begin.

Full Range of Treatment

The Southeast region of the United States is under quarantine to prevent the spread of red imported fire ants. Fire Ant Control, LLC, working with our sister companies, can serve the whole quarantined area, and we’re able to treat up to 1,000 acres each day.

Whether your property is small or large, residential or farmland, count on our service to allow you to use it without fear of attack by red imported fire ants. 

Full-Service Treatment

Red imported fire ants nest practically anywhere, especially in Southwest Florida. The warm temperatures, water sources, and food make it possible for fire ants to thrive. From farms to residential lawns, gardens, A/C systems, home slabs, animal feed, laundry piles, snack cabinets, and your car are vulnerable to becoming a home to fire ants. 

If you can mitigate the population of fire ants, you can prevent the property damage that is sure to occur otherwise. Allow us to step in and resolve the problem without causing inconvenience or damage.

Contact Fire Ant Control, LLC, to book a free estimate or service for fire ant control & treatment in Golden Gate Estates, FL. Reach out by phone at (239) 312-8200 or click here to do so online.