Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Goldenrod, FL

A fire ant infestation on your property in Goldenrod, FL in the Orlando area calls for professional fire ant control and treatment. Fire Ant Control, LLC, offers an expert team employing a proven granular bait and strategic placement. Call us today for a convenient and reliable solution.

Fire Ants within the Community

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Goldenrod, FLRed Imported Fire Ants (RIFA), also known as Solenopsis invicta, have infiltrated and established their own communities across the southern US, particularly in the Southeast. Florida is particularly welcoming to fire ants because of the subtropical, humid climate; open spaces; and plentiful food and water sources.

Within a single acre of infested grounds, you’ll find millions of fire ants. If properties are infested with single-queen colonies, they may house around 7 million red imported fire ants per acre, and properties with multi-queen colonies may host up to 40 million red imported fire ants per acre.

Plenty of places within the community are vulnerable to fire ant infestation. Golf courses, residential yards, theme and water parks, gardens, and other areas are prime real estate for red imported fire ants.

When residents and patrons unknowingly disturb fire ant mounds, the results are painful and usually unexpected. It’s quite easy to trigger an attack because the insects are aggressively defensive of their nests.

Fire ants attack as a group, typically climbing upward, biting and stinging at the same time. As the fire ants hold on with their bites, they sting, emitting a unique venom that creates a red and white pustule. This venom causes an anaphylactic allergic reaction in about 5% of the population. Without quick medical intervention, this reaction can cause death.

Finding Them within the Community

Rather than waiting to be attacked, be on the lookout for them! Fire ant mounds above ground are the only obvious evidence of their presence, and they’re most evident just after a heavy rain by looking around vertical structures for mounds. These mounds serve as the temperature regulator as well as the entrance and exit for fire ant colonies, which consists of intricate below ground tunnels. Fire ants continually work on these tunnels while the queen continually reproduces, resulting in physical growth and population growth of the colony.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, will take care of the entire colony by targeting population. We employ granular bait that sterilizes the queen so that the population zeros out as living ants die. This Trojan Horse method of extermination doesn’t provide the satisfaction of immediacy, but it works long term and very effectively.

This bait that we use has been approved for applications around people, animals, and vegetation, without a wait time for re-entering the property. You can feel comfortable in the professionalism of our crew as a fully licensed, bonded, and insured company.

The treatment keeps properties up to 95% free of red imported fire ants with repeat applications every four months, and we offer a money-back guarantee in support of this claim.

To secure fire ant control and treatment in the Goldenrod neighborhood of Orlando, FL, call Fire Ant Control, LLC. We’ll provide a free consultation and estimate for your property. Don’t wait for your family, customers, and guests to become victims. Call us today at (239) 312-8200 or follow this link to learn more or schedule a consultation or service.