Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Grove City, FL

Protection from injury and damage due to fire ant infestation in Grove City, FL, comes from treatment services provided by the professionals at Fire Ant Control, LLC. We offer budget-friendly solutions to fire ant problems.

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Grove City, FLThe textbook name for fire ants is Solenopsis invicta, but the street name is far more descriptive of the insects’ appearance and behavior. Infestations and attacks from red imported fire ants do real damage and injure the people, animals, and property that stand in their way. 

When they establish colonies, they’ll do so without regard to your domain. Whether seeking refuge from the heat underneath your home’s foundation, the food within your pantry, or the moisture around the roots of the tree you just planted, fire ants will create costly damage to your property when left unchecked. 

The venom that fire ants inject can actually end in fatal anaphylaxis for a small percentage of people. Even without this degree of allergy, fire ant bite victims will have painful blisters that hang around for a week and can become infected. 

Your children, family, and friends are also at risk of attack when fire ants are present. Mitigate the risk by evicting red imported fire ants with the help of thrice-yearly treatment from Fire Ant Control, LLC.

Red imported fire ants appreciate the area around Grove City, thriving with abundant food sources, sun, warmth, and moisture. Their populations grow by the thousands every day, and as the colony grows in number, it also grows in size, with additional tunnels constantly being constructed beneath the surface. 

The granular bait we use has been regulated and approved for private and public properties of all sorts – residential, commercial, agricultural, etc.

Residential Yards

When your lawn has an issue with red imported fire ants, you expose your family and guests to injury. You won’t be able to watch your children play, entertain in your backyard, or even mow the grass without potentially being attacked by red imported fire ants. Call on Fire Ant Control, LLC, to make your yard a place of fun and refuge for people, not fire ants.

Golf Courses

The open green of a golf course is a frequent place to find red imported fire ants. Sun exposure, irrigation, and open spaces are a calling card to fire ants, but who wants to play a round if a fire ant attack could occur? If you operate a golf course in the area, call on us to treat your property every four months. We provide effortless service that will not cause an issue for gameplay.

Playgrounds and Public Parks

Protecting children from fire ants requires caretakers to arrange appropriate fire ant treatment, and we offer the best available. The allergic status of children may not be known, and kids are generally fairly curious about fire ant mounds when they come across them. School playgrounds and public parks must be as free of fire ants as possible.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, has a four-month money-back guarantee for our service. Since fire ants establish new colonies as the winged male and female fire ants reach maturity, and they also move in search of additional resources or to escape flooding, reapplication is essential every four months to prevent recolonization of the property.

Reach Fire Ant Control, LLC, to arrange for fire ant control & treatment in Grove City, FL, by dialing (239) 312-8200 or following this link. You can schedule a service, ask questions, or request a free estimate.