Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Groveland, FL

Fire ant control & treatment for homes, businesses, parks, schools, golf resorts, and agricultural areas in Groveland, FL, is available for affordable rates from Fire Ant Control, LLC.

Red imported fire ants are ubiquitous in Florida.

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Groveland, FLThey thrive in the warmth and humidity with few natural competitors for resources.

Fire Ant Control, LLC provides a proven method of management that is effective regardless of the size of the property or its purpose.

We employ a food-esque granular bait that functions as an insect growth inhibitor that prevents the queen from reproducing. It has been deemed as safe for application around animals and people. Our specialists apply the bait precisely for maximum effect.

The bait that we use doesn’t target the mounds or surface ants. We address the source: the queen. The worker ants who carry bait down to the queen act as the agents of extermination of their own colony. With the queen unable to reproduce, the entire colony dies out as the living ants do.

This solution requires a life cycle to reach full effect, but it lasts for four months at a time. Your property can remain up to 95% free from fire ants with three times yearly treatments from Fire Ant Control, LLC.

Groveland is a haven for fire ant infestations. Lakes, pastures, homes, vineyards, and other features of the area call to these insects. The abundant water and sunshine allow them to flourish. Consider all the spaces Fire Ant Control, LLC, can clear of dangerous fire ant populations.

Residential Areas

Fire ants interrupting your children’s play, your gardening, or just your walk to the mailbox can end with our service. We will depopulate the area rather than inspire their relocation as other products do. Keep in mind that allowing the population to go unchecked will likely end with damaged HVAC systems, a destroyed home foundation, and even fire ants within your home.

Park and Rec Spaces

Recreational spaces should be places where children and families have fun! They should not be areas where fire ant attacks occur. We have the mechanisms necessary to control the fire ant population in parks of all sorts.

Agricultural Spaces

Farms and vineyards require protection from Fire Ant Control, LLC. The crops themselves draw fire ants, being a source of food, but the presence of the ants can destroy the crop and injure the workers who care for the vegetation.

Golf Resorts

As much as you love the golf course, fire ants love it more. The water, the sun, and the open spaces call to fire ants. Instead of constantly fighting off their presence, call Fire Ant Control, LLC, for assistance.

Plant and Tree Nurseries

Landscaping is big business in Florida. We have a beautiful climate and love to display it in our yards. Fire ants can be hazardous to tree farms and nursery plants. From killing the vegetation to stopping pollination, fire ants are able to stop the natural mechanisms required for healthy growth. Protect the employees and products of your nursery by booking our service.

Pasture and Ranchland

Livestock are vulnerable to harm from fire ants. We’re able to treat 1,000 acres per day and protect the animals under your care from harm.

Prevent injury and property damage by booking fire ant control & treatment in Groveland, FL. Fire Ant Control, LLC, allows property owners and managers of all sorts to protect people and animals from harm. Book service today by calling (239) 312-8200.