Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Holden Heights, FL

Any property in Holden Heights, FL, with a fire ant problem can find effective, lasting control & treatment from Fire Ant Control, LLC.

A Discussion of the Treatment Options

If you do a google search for fire ant control, you’ll find an assortment of ideas, some of them just to the right of insane. The need to handle the problem is completely understandable given the pain of bites and aggressiveness of attacks. However, you should not risk your safety in the efforts, especially since none will work without stopping the queen from repopulating the colony.

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Holden Heights, FLA few of the methods often suggested for treating fire ants include chemical sprays, boiling water, vinegar, and even gasoline. Spraying the mounds with these elements should take care of the ant population, right? Well, consider the effects of shooting a water gun in your doorway. You might hit anyone standing there in the entrance, but you’d miss all other occupants. The same goes for fire ant treatments that target the mounds. All of the population within the colony remains safe, and the queen goes right along laying eggs. At worst, they’ll relocate the mound.

Synthetic chemicals can also be potentially dangerous to pets, plants, and people, and handling boiling water or gasoline could cause real injury. Our method requires no work on your part, no trip to the store, and no hauling boiling water from the kitchen to the yard.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, offers an effective, long lasting fire ant treatment that doesn’t target the colony’s mounds. Our granular bait works by stopping the reproduction process and controlling the population. This solution may not be immediate, but it sure is effective.

Our bait serves as an insect growth regulator. When consumed, it stops the fire ants’ ability to reproduce and is approved for application in areas with animals and people. This fact means that we can service residential areas, commercial spaces, agricultural pastures, stables, and more. You won’t have to remove your animals or yourself during the process or wait before you return.

Our process is money-back guaranteed. We promise that your property will remain at least 85% and up to 99% free of fire ants so long as you follow through with reapplication three times per year.

The Vulnerability of Residential, Commercial, and Agricultural Properties

Fire ants on a property are obvious risks to the people and animals who reside or visit. Your children, guests, and pets could be at risk as well as the electrical components, foundations, trees, and other elements of your property.

Commercial businesses seek out returning customers, so it’s worthwhile to protect them from fire ant attacks. As with homes, the HVAC, wiring, and foundation can all be damaged by the nesting behavior of these pests.

Raising livestock and keeping horses make fire ant control essential. A fire ant attack can kill sickly, older, or newly born animals, and fire ants love to nest inside of stables and hay bales as well as in the sunshine of pastureland. Protect your animals as well as the workers who care for them by scheduling a service from Fire Ant Control, LLC.

The granular bait that we apply on your property offers fire ant control & treatment in Holden Heights, FL. Fire Ant Control, LLC, offers free estimates and easy scheduling either online or by calling (239) 312-8200.